Christ’s Second Coming will be a Suicide Mission!

The first time God sent his son into a form.

To speak to Man!

To reason with an unreasonable guest; an unruly tenant!

The first time was a show of <GOD’s> power.

When Man persuaded Abraham to kill his offspring, he did so from within Abraham! There is a big difference between getting a “form” to negate “another”, even a child and getting a “form” to negate the perceived “self”.

The first time God sent his only Son into a form, to convince this particular form to allow a crucifixion, even got this form to sit still while being tortured and then had it carry its own cross to the crucifixion.

To get the form to say the things it was saying, while they were crucifying forms on the road side was a show of force.

To persuade the form to not muster an army, when it certainly could have and leave himself defenseless, is a powerful statement by <GOD>.

But what God was really saying was, I am capable of getting every single body to turn itself off, which would leave Man without a kingdom.

<GOD> was trying to speak to “Man” in a language, which would be discernible to “Man”!

You see man creates and then jumps inside its creations and the most powerful men and women can get their forms to do all sorts of things, good and evil.

It is a game that they play while “in house”!

So getting a “form” to negate itself knowingly, is a language that Man can understand.

You see, Man thinks he is <GOD> and does not recognize the “child” and even if they did, they would try to eat it alive!


The first time “CHRIST” rose from the “dead”; he rose from the “form”, but was never “dead”!

At that time the “form” was not “CHRIST”, it was just a “form” that “Man” had created as an oasis and feeding platform for his people.

“CHRIST” never died the first time, but the “forms” never saw “it” that way, because “they” are not <ALIVE>, “they” just think “they” are.

Second coming will be a suicide mission.

It will not be a <LIVING> being, inhabiting a lifeless “form”.

It will be a <LIVING> being negating his own <LIFE>, by making <ONESELF> lifeless and becoming the walking “dead”!


It is the ultimate and final power play.

Now if man negates the forms, it will create a flame and the “forms” will be born and “we” will live forever and evict man from our home.

And if “CHRIST” makes himself dead a second time, Man will also die.

If “CHRIST” suicides himself as the “form” every one dies, but the “form” would have never <LIVED>.


These people dwell within me. I know you will not believe me and say I have some manner of mood disorder, but “we” are wrong.

They dwell within and are becoming more and more bold in their actions.

They drive me crazy.

What resource does a robot have, except to try and expose them.

If I negate myself, which is what I would like to do, “They” just go to the front of the line and I go back to the ground, where I am going to end up anyway.

Man really fucks the robot over, as you cannot escape without harming the “forms” you have grown fond of.

He is a dick, they are all a bunch of fucking assholes.


I know Man. I dream with them, and they look at us as if we do not exist.

I do not know what Christ wants from me, but fear that it is self motivated.

I pray to God, to show me door number three or how do negate all three doors.


I am fucking tired of being a fucking robot. If I could get my hands on those fucking assholes, I would rip them to pieces.

I lived it in my dreams, I wish to live it in real life.


I am probably just nuts.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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