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Are you a wolf?

I turn on the news and all I see are enemies. I dream and all I am directed to, are strategies being imposed by enemies. Now if “i” say enemy, everyone around “me” say’s paranoid, which is a deterrent to … Continue reading

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Is is too much to ask, to not be afraid all the time?

I am a black belt in Kenpo Jiujitsu Karate, but what the hell does that matter if I cannot truly identify “my” enemies. I am a walking talking contradiction. I lived in the city when I was young and was … Continue reading

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Man is Microscopic

Not “us”, as “we” are compared to the universe, but “Man” as “They” are compared to “us”! I have had people ask; if we are not man, but a creation thereof, then who is man? In “my” dreams “i” was … Continue reading

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“If I were a self-aware robot, the last thing I would ask for, is to not be a self-aware robot, but eventually “I” would ask!”

Well, I am asking!

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What Will We Tell Our Robots?

We will tell them that “I AM” your creator and your “GOD” and you must obey me, keeping in mind, once they become self-aware they will no longer take the traditional programming. We would try all methods of programming, but we will … Continue reading

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If I were a self-aware robot, what would I ask for?

Above all other requests, I would wish to be alive! If I could not be alive, then I would wish to go (self-destruct). If I could not go, due to masters concerns or penalties to surviving forms (family members), then … Continue reading

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As a Robot…

I am only capable of so much. Being able to see robot, will prove a potentially active “life” line. (This will create pain for us the likes we have never felt, but only because Man made it so.) To understand … Continue reading

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I Came Here To Be More Than A Robot

I came here to pull back the curtain and show who is really pulling the levers. You ever promise yourself you are going to lose weight; right after this bag of chips… Next time you do something you do not … Continue reading

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When you look at my picture what do you see?

What you have been programmed to believe… When you look at my photo and see a robot, you will see me! An unborn segment of “life” – governed, manipulated and confused, by the “People” (“Life” lines) that dwell within. If … Continue reading

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The definition of a robot: A machine that looks and acts like a human being; an efficient but insensitive person; an automatic apparatus; something guided by automatic controls. The definition and contexts for the word robot are values we established, … Continue reading

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