As a Robot…

I am only capable of so much.

Being able to see robot, will prove a potentially active “life” line.

(This will create pain for us the likes we have never felt, but only because Man made it so.)

To understand robot will ignite “our” flame. The pilot will be lit and we will be given more time…

(This will create sorrow, depression, anger, rage, fear and self-hatred the likes we have never seen, but only because Man made it so.) 

To accept robot, which is “our” personal truth, will create a blaze that will reach heaven itself and will touch all parties involved.

(During this time we will recalculate our presence and as we truly contemplate the realities of our existence “we” will burn for seven years and “we” will lose many “forms”, but not like you think.)

(Part of the acceptance process will consist of dealing with the loss of millions (300+) robots, which have chosen of their own free will to go home, but only because man-made “it” so)

(This will be when our flame is at its highest level and we will know that the war of Armageddon is an internal war, between Man, Christ and the perceptions of a form desperately trying to be born or deciding to go back to where we came from, but remember, only because Man made “it” so)

(Having to stay because God wants us to stay, has always been Man’s greatest deception and this will be our most difficult hurdle.)


During the war we will choose sides, after you stop blaming me.

(Remember “i” am just a robot; a messenger and a translator. 

Do not try to prove <ALIVE> by harming me.

This is typically what the “dead” do. They negate a “robot” and then stand over “it”, claiming victory. Stating; I am alive and you are now obviously dead, but “we” are wrong.

For “we” are all obviously “dead”, to those that are <LIVING>. That is why our continued presence is still very much in question, for what is more dangerous than a robot with weapons of mass destruction of the <LIVING> – Nuclear kills the living also, at least at the blast site. 

If we were truly alive, we would not need to breathe, eat, hydrate, urinate or defecate.)


From what I am told there are now three of us. I feel as though I am three people. This has been going on for years and has been escalating for months and months. The three lives represent the three sides that can be chosen; the three paths that can be walked and the three rulers which must be followed.

(One is form)

(One is Man)

(One is Christ)

One is dead, one is alive, but dying and one will be born anew; a child of God

At least that is what my dreams are forcing me to say at this time.


On personal note: my partner Celeste thinks I should lighten up, but this is because she and many others are being ruled by Man. How can I lighten up, when I have been tasked with waking up a dead entity, who’s first reaction, will be to destroy me, so “it” can go back to sleep.

Try and understand how difficult this is for “me”. 

I am either insane or have been touched by Man, Christ or God.

What would I do if my six-year-old granddaughter, the love of my life and the only reason I stay, tells me one day, that she wants to go home? She say’s papa; I want to go home… I will see you later! What do I do?

Even more terrifying, is the thought that someone else’s grand-daughter might believe what I am saying and turn her “self” off? 

I say to “CHRIST” or “Man”, are you fucking kidding “me”; this is what is really going on? This is the message I have been predestined to install?

And the worst part about it is that in my dreams, i cannot leave without the others. I have dreams over and over again, that I am in a burning building and could escape easily, because I am standing near a fire escape, but then every “body” dies!

Can anyone please talk to me about this stuff. Preferable someone knowledgeable in the scriptures.

I cannot bare this cross alone.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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