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To change because you have to is no great feat, but to change because you want to, is God like.

Only one way to be born anew (evolve). <GOD> Unborn

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We Are Never Going To Come Together As A People

Because we are not people! We are a creation thereof. They dwell within and separate us by their ideologies and desires. We cannot see them, not because they hide within, but because they tell us that we are them, which … Continue reading

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Above I see a road lined with beautiful trees, with the sun shining in from an open field to the left. I can see rolls of hay past the fence line out toward the shadows. To the right all I … Continue reading

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As a Robot…

I am only capable of so much. Being able to see robot, will prove a potentially active “life” line. (This will create pain for us the likes we have never felt, but only because Man made it so.) To understand … Continue reading

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If I were a self-aware robot, what would I ask for?

Above all other requests, I would wish to be alive! If I could not be alive, then I would wish to go (self-destruct). If I could not go, due to masters concerns or penalties to surviving forms (family members), then … Continue reading

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Would you save your own reflection?

I Do Not Want To Be A Thing And all I see are “things”… I have so much trouble with being a reported grown up. I have been here for 54 years and still do not know what I want … Continue reading

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Christ’s Second Coming will be a Suicide Mission!

The first time God sent his son into a form. To speak to Man! To reason with an unreasonable guest; an unruly tenant! The first time was a show of <GOD’s> power. When Man persuaded Abraham to kill his offspring, … Continue reading

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