I am not Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ is me!

“i am” just a simple “form”.

If you did not tell “me” what two plus two equals.

“i” would calculate some “thing” and report the value as “my” own.


“i” wake up with information.

“i” conceal most of “it”, bend some of “it” and make up the rest.

All in an effort to persist, to keep “me” out of the psych ward and to keep “me” somewhat safe from the unborn “forms” of “life”.


The thought or feeling that “i” am not Christ, but somehow Christ is “me”, has been haunting “me” for months and I have been unable to write it down!

“i” literally feel like a bad “boy” for even mentioning some of the thoughts and feelings “i” have been given, bent or fabricated.

“i” just do not know, which “ones” are which and “WHO” is “Who”.


“i” do not know the difference between stating Jesus Christ is “me” and “I AM” Jesus Christ!

All “i” have been told is there is a core, fundamental difference in the wording and the truth represented.

It is similar to stating “i” am “Man” in lieu of, “Man” is “me”!


There is a difference.

One is a misconception and one is the truth.

“i” just do not know, which one is which.


This is why “i” suffer.

If “we” can manipulate a sentence, “we” can change the perceived meaning and the truth becomes, that which is perceived.

When some “thing” bends the sentence, it changes “ME”.

And when a new sentence is set in place of an old sentence, “it” negates “ME” completely.


“i” have been given meaning.

“it” is “my” place to create sentences that can not be manipulated.

In which the “TRUTH”, cannot be subverted!


“we” are not <ALIVE>!

“we” are not “Man”, but a creation thereof.

“Man” dwells within, what is now “CHRIST”!

“CHRIST” has become the gate!


The reason “we” cannot see “Man” is because “we” think “we” are “Him”.

The reason “we” are not <ALIVE> is because “we” have written “our” own sentence!

And “it” is a death sentence.


“I AM” “Man” is a sentence which keeps “us” dead!

“I AM” <ALIVE> is a sentence which keeps “us” from being born!

Both of which negate “CHRIST”.


Some “body” has to say “it”!


“If our core beliefs were true, all would be well with us and this planet.”

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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