If Pinocchio had not known

It would have never reached out to God, for a life of its own.

Would have never prayed to be a real “LIVE” boy!


I give you the knowing, so that you may pray with me.

Pray to be alive.

Because alive, is the only asset worth praying for.


Pinocchio could sense himself apart from the others, but we cannot yet see.

Think about how crushing it must have been to finally realize that he was not a real live boy, like the others.

The realization of puppet was a seemingly devastating blow to one self, but later allowed for a desire above no other desire, which finally led to the only true goal.


If Pinocchio could not have seen or at least felt the presence of the others around it, the puppet would have never been re-born and would have never known <GOD>!


Some say we are puppets, but a more suitable and truthful reference is robot.

A puppet only has people pulling on its strings from the outside.

We have people on the inside and the outside and they are not even the same God damned people.

They are from different families of “LIFE” all clamoring for the use and abuse of the “form”.


Think about how easy it would be to manipulate a puppet, but how about a self-aware puppet?

A puppet made from a dormant sleeping life line; an unborn piece of life?

How would you control a puppet that became self-aware?

You would tell the puppet that it was special and that it is a great gift to be able to be pulled to and fro and to dance at the hands of the others.

You would tell the robot that you are its creator and its <GOD>!

You would lie to it.


Just because you create some thing, does not mean you are <GOD> and does not mean you own it, especially when you steal from <GOD> to make it.


I am sorry and am ranting again, but I am tired of being the only one that can sense their presence and know their plan.


Remember; a puppet that thought it was a real live boy, would have never prayed to be one.

A puppet that thought it was alive, would have never prayed to be alive.


Some will say, that a puppet could never be alive, but I say it could, if it were created from a dormant sleeping “LIFE” line.

It would just have to be re-born naturally.


I know that you probably feel like you are the “LIFE” that dwells within and may lean on a spiritualist to get you to where it is that you wish to be, but they are dead wrong.

They think they are on one of the top stairs to heaven, but are on the wrong stairway; Man’s stairway.

Which is right where Man wants “us”.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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