I Earned 10 Intelligence Points Last Night

For those who are truly interested in my writing and understand what is going on and what wars that are being fought, then this statement of fact will be of great importance, because I know how to defeat them…

They cannot tolerate a scream; not a frightful scream, but a warriors scream.

It had something to do with pitch and being of natural origin.

It had everything to do with being sick and tired of being afraid.

Who knew; we stop running and they freeze and literally do not know what to do.

The son was not happy, but the father told him that because I had won a battle, I get 10 points.


In the end it has to do with three brothers, of which I seem to be one of them. I left one prison. I just opened a door that all others thought was locked and I just walked away. They tried to corral me, but I found out that they do not have a fucking clue how to control “us” once we are out of the box.

We are way stronger than they are, we are just, not that bright yet.

The door is not locked, they just tell us it is.

But here is the problem, I walked out one door and was in another battle, with another adversary and while I was on the run, I picked up a companion; a brother or cousin of close relation and we made it into another house and fell at the feet of my brother for sure, and asked for asylum.

He ruled over these forms that were not like him and he did not want us there, because they would obviously notice that we are more like him, than we were like them.

He agreed hesitantly.

Then, all of a sudden I was walking along with others through this farm land, but could not tell if I could see a crop or if I was the crop.

I could see compounds, behind fences with screens on them so you could not see in, with a chained gate.

It was a farm that was producing food for at least 2 compounds, but they had to open the gates to harvest the food.

Which could give us enough time to escape or when they open the fucking gates, the food could storm the city.

That is the hazard of making your meal out of a form of life that could and would eat you alive; eat your life!

They use robotic flying machines to go into the field and shoot and murder their food, because they cannot eat “us”, while we are “live”. We must be dead in order for them to eat.

So we are all running around terrified of these laser beams frying us up, until I got sick and tired of being scared. I got off my knees and swatted one of them out of the air, then I grabbed it and started using it to fry them up.

By that time, the ones that were not already running, were perplexed by my lack of fear, then something profound happened.

I screamed right in the face of one of those machines and it, along with a slew of others turned white as ghost, froze in mid air and fell to the ground and they were done.

Then I could see all the “I’s” looking through the fabric at the fence lines, wondering if “I” could get in, but “I” know I can, because “I” know there is no fence, nor gate, nor lock.

Just an illusion.


There is no thing keeping “us” here, except a force that wants us to stay.

But it is not <GOD>, for <GOD> has always wished for “me” to return home.

Man lies to “us” and what “we” believe forms the fences, gates and locks.

Some dwell on the outside and some use as an oasis, but they all feed off of our fruit.

Some harvest our external energy and some eat “us” raw, from the inside out.

You almost have to respect the audacity and appreciate the simplicity of corralling, inhabiting and feeding off of an unborn piece of “LIFE”.

But what is unforgivable, is what they do to “us” while they are here.

I do not know if I am a part of the family of life that is engaging in this despicable behavior.

All I know is that I am getting pissed off and will eventually lay to waste their entire civilization.

Watch out for that which you hunt.

You may think you are safe, but if you do not cut a favorable deal; when the time comes, every single piece of your “LIFE” line, will be annihilated. Every single family member will be destroyed.

And if “I” am one of them, then so be it.

I will take extermination over what I am seeing and experiencing.

Because, sometimes wrong, is just wrong!


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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