A Free Will Birth

Some of Our Most Comforting Beliefs

  1. We were born.
  2. We are alive.
  3. We are Man.
  4. The time is now.

I am produced and then, thrown into a living hell! My parents were nuts and my childhood became a fear-based existence, dedicated to shear survival. Then my parent let me down and I get thrown to the wolves and suffered abuse on all levels; physically, sexually, mentally & emotionally.

Then I begin to not see things, as others see them and not only sense that something is not right, but I develop a strong sense, that we are missing something of value.

I began to carry the weight of this loss around with me, even though I could not place my figure on the truth of it all.

I simply always felt like we were getting screwed and society labeled me as a discontent, problem child or someone who is just lost!

None of this has anything to do with my alcoholism. I am chemically sensitive and when I start drinking I cannot stop, but the alcohol did put my fear to sleep and gave me a sense of physical comfort.

I rode this ride for 25 years and added tons of weight, to what I was already bearing.

At the end of this road I was begging for God to take me or save me.

A crashed my car into a tree and then my journey truly began.

An awakening took place and I began to reach out to God, to Gods angels and to whoever else may be able to tell me what is going on. I prayed and meditated constantly for answers to the age-old question of; “why would God do this?”.

Over time I begin to see things and feel things that I have never seen or felt before. During one of my nightly meditations, on my back, in my back yard, I closed my eyes and saw this massive black square right above my body.

This black square was the approximate size of a half a football field. When I closed my eyes, it appeared and blocked out the stars, but when I opened my eyes it became a bright light; a big square bright light, just hovering above me.

This went on for about a month or two and was also when my dreams became more like visions and I began to feel like I had been traveling and hanging around with these beings.

I could not tell what they looked like. I could see them but could not place a recognizable shape to their form. They were to me; unrecognizable, but not scary!

They began to give me information, along with the others that were there like me. We were in large class rooms, we all had to stand and confess our sins in front of thousands, which I could not do initially and had to go stand away from the others.

On one occasion I was called in to see the head person. I got spruced up and sat before the ruler of whoever this life line was. In my dream, I sat across this table and he gave me this mission package and we went though all of it, but I just listened.

The entire time with these people, I could not tell if the loved me, hated me or if they could not care less either way, but what I did feel, or sense was that I, we were of great value to them. It was almost like, if we saved ourselves, we would also be saving them.

During this entire time and shortly after seeing the square above me at night, I would awaken with troubling information.

I began to blog my visions, but it was difficult because the information I was receiving was terrifying and completely contradictive to our most comforting beliefs as a society.


In summary, I was told that a later generation of the Living Man (Gen. I Man) went back in time to save themselves and pulled from an unborn life, effectively detaching this life from God.

They creatively formed this life up (Gen II man) and jumped inside; installing an active living power source, into a dormant sleeping life line. In essence: an active life, within an unborn life.

Then they got lost within their own creations and forgot why they came back in time in the first place.

Then when it was time to go back to the present time, some of them would not go and wanted to stay and the ruler had no choice but to leave this time line and pull all the life that they could pull forward into their time.

The ruler of these people is our creator and is called the Lord God from Genesis II.

They could not stay, because they were not supposed to be here and were not supposed to steal from God and create, what was supposed to have been born in Gods time.

This is what I am being told. Not only are we dealing with an unwarranted occupation of our body of life but are existing in the past!

The people who I have been interacting with tell me that time is running out and we must strive to be born, which will equate to a massive evolution only capable by the good will of God.

The problem is:

  1. We already think we have been born.
  2. We already think we are alive.
  3. We already think we are Man.
  4. We already think the time is now.


The door is wide open, but we must choose to be, who we already perceive ourselves to be.



The most terrifying information given to me:

  1. There are people dwelling within that are sucking the unborn life out of me, like a piece of fruit, eaten from the inside out.
  2. We are the tree of life and Man’s fountain of youth.
  3. Without the men and women that dwell within, I cannot hold my form, nor exist by myself, because I have not even been born yet.
  4. I cannot be born without God, through his son Jesus Christ. The reason why this is scary is because we all must come together and become honest, open minded and willing to receive that, which we already believe ourselves to be.
  5. If we are born again, we will not need the men and women that dwell within and will be given our own present time, but if not, the good men and women, who are back within will have to leave.
  6. This will place our unborn reformed life as a permanent slave to lucifer and the other life lines who have chosen to call us the final resting place.
  7. We do not have to stay and could go home and wait for our natural birth. It is not a sin and God is always calling us to come home. It is Man’s lies that keep us in place.
  8. If I wait to go home, I allow these life sucking vampires to take most of my life and I go back to my God with very little of what God had given me; most of who I was to be stolen by Man.
  9. I can only be reborn by a majority vote, so if we are not ready to be born together, I cannot be reborn. (like being in a burning building, which I cannot leave without the others)
  10. Unborn!
  11. Not alive!
  12. God will not decide for us and will not deny our only chance at free will.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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