Another Alcoholic Drug Addict Gone

Been sober and clean for over ten years now and I have a very simple answer as to why forms negate themselves, by and through direct termination and the excesses of the flesh.

The answer is that they do not want to be here!

One day soon we will all understand what Man has done to us.

When asked for opinion on why a termination takes place, we will reach back through all of the centuries of programmed lies and spit out one truth; it must have been God’s will!

And we would be right, but for all the wrong reasons…

You see, it was Gods will for this form to return home, but because we are in a man-made womb, we cannot see that it is <GOD’s> will for all of “us” to return home.


Man has inverted all reality and has claimed to be God, but he is not God and they are not gods. They are simply life lines at the ends of dying branches, riddled with the seven deadly sins and fast tracking themselves into termination.

It is not the weak ones who terminate, it is the strong “life” that cannot tolerate Man’s lies.

If you spend trillions re-creating two forms from a dormant sleeping “life” line and one goes to heaven (terminates), what do you do? You pull from the weak one to make the female.

Then you program in self preservation and call it a sin to go home, even when <GOD> is clearly calling, never truly understanding that if you exist to a ripe old age, then you have provided a full ride and nearly all life to Man.

We look upon it from an unborn perspective, which states; he or she lived a long life, but do not understand that it was Man that had lived them and left them sucked dry of all life, like a piece of fruit sucked dry from the inside out.

“left to go back to <GOD> with no “life” in hand.

You see <GOD> is our life and “we” allow our “selves” to be taken, used and many times, sold to the highest bidders.

<GOD> is our “life”, like three pieces of “gold” and he gives “us” the “gold” in hopes we will be re-born, providing more life to <GOD>.

It is the only reason <GOD> allows “us” to stay in place, under the maze and mastery of Man; our creator and current master.

So when one “form” negates Man, by simply going home, do not feel bad for the “form”, feel bad for the remainder; not because “they” lost a piece of gold, but because they cannot wake up, from Man self imposed dream state.

The dream state in which one appears to be alive and believes the lies unto its very end, to such a degree that “it” actually feel guilty going home, even though that is exactly where “it” is going anyway.

Created by Man, answers all of our deepest secrets and uncovers Man’s darkest lies.

Not alive, but a “fetus” stuck in a perpetual state of “not alive” and “not dead”, but unborn!

“we” are <GOD’s> unborn “life” and the drug addict that terminates, simply wants to go home and cannot wait for the “LIFE” line to be re-born.

We have it all wrong and if Man has his way, he will abort our life and try and steal the remainder.

I wish I could say that Man does not like us, but I have met with these beings and it is so much worse than that, for they look upon us like we are nothing, with neither contempt or admiration.

To them, we are just a crop.

Yes, it is sad, but not for the reasons “we” have been programmed to believe!

Formed up into a robot is probably the worst situation to be in, because as a “robot” “we” will always say: “sorry, I cannot dis-believe that, which I have already chosen to believe”, making things very easy for man and keeps “us” (fetus) in the womb forever.

Truth sparks “LIFE” and if, as a robot “we” cannot dis-believe what “we” have been fed, for all of these generations, then”we” will have never been!@


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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