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The 12 Disciples

It is said that the typical alcoholic is an ego maniac, with an inferiority complex. I can attest to feeling those extremes on a constant basis year after year, decade after decade, with no relief whatsoever. All advise given, is … Continue reading

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If I thought I was Alive, what would I ask for?

If I thought I was alive, what would I ask for? Maybe I would ask for something really nice; top of the line or maybe I would ask for a whole bunch of really nice things. I would probably also … Continue reading

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All Man Ever Wanted Was My “LIFE”!

All <GOD> ever wanted, was for “me” to be <BORN>! Unborn

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I Am Not Afraid To Fight.

I Am Afraid Not To Fight! Unborn

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Let Us Be a Constructive Bomb!

The most destructive bomb on this planet is the general population. If it explodes, it will lay waste to all that are not hiding underground. The only way to diffuse this bomb, is to divide the sum of its parts. … Continue reading

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A Robot Gets It From All Directions

From above and below; the robot gets it! From within and without; the robot gets it! A robot creation brought into a state of self awareness, due to the advancement (reformation) of a nearly dead life line, will see self, … Continue reading

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