Man’s Greatest Lie!

I am your God!

“I” pulled back the curtain, thinking I would see God, but what I saw was Man!

It is not <GOD> that works in mysterious ways, it is Man!

And Man’s ultimate goal is not to save “us”, but to eat all of “our” fruit (LIFE) from the inside out.

I have had dreams in which I have been trying to get them to see us as more than a tree, but all but one, see us as a crop that they planted for the exact purpose that they are using us for and that is it.

They do not love us, they do not hate us; we are nothing to them, but a good crop. They do not care that we feel pain or suffer. They do not care that we laugh and do good deeds.

The only thing they care about is coming into the dormant body of life old and leaving young and if they can get us to bow down to them, by bending to their will while “we” are here, then that is a bonus game that they get to play.

In my dreams I was able to get one of them to listen. He was very important though, like a Sr. VP or the son. He saw a spark of active “LIFE” in “me” and “we” talked, as I tried to get “HIM” to talk to “THEM”.

This is what he told me: they are able to do what they do, because they are not working with active life lines. They are working with life lines that are nearly dead; Life at the end of their ropes. Then one of them got a brilliant idea, to take a dormant sleeping life line that had not been born yet and use that life line to feed off of and that has worked wonderfully, as their harvest has been bountiful.

The only potential problem with this course of action was that the “LIFE”, even though “it” was detached from <GOD>, may some day, be born a new “LIFE”.

That is the spark he saw and he told me, that they cannot destroy us after the harvest, if we can prove “LIFE”!

He told me that being able to evolve of our own free will is proof of “LIFE” and you cannot murder a “LIVING”, because all hell would break loose and fall atop of Man.

The difference between change and evolution is clear. I will use this example; I always had a switch when it came to alcohol. Once I drank, the switch was flicked to the on position and I could not tun it off. Many will think that my ten years of sobriety would be proof of permanent change, but this is simply a change in action, which must be forcibly kept in order to maintain the change. This is not evolution!

Evolution would be when the body changes of its own free will, so as to remove the switch, so my body would not be so weirdly sensitive to alcohol. That would be an example of evolution.

Another example of evolution, would be the body healing itself from cancer or the body waking up and being able to see the men and women standing all around them or being able to sense the men and women, who dwell within.

Being able to sense that they are stealing my unborn life.

All it is is one tick on the clock and a new day is born!

One final note; you can force a body of life into re-birth by shocking it with truth, the only problem is that many forms will be lost, due to an inability to handle such a strain, but I have internalized most, if not all of the pain and I think the fall out would be minimal.

Fallout – Bodies turning themselves off, after finding out the truth of what man has done to us and what we are being used for.



About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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