Christ, Man and Us

When “they” saw Christ, they perceived a live person with no differentiation between the body and the life, nor a difference between the life inside and the life outside, nor did they contemplate the possibility of two separate people, nor did they contemplate two separate people with a varying liveliness to their steps, nor did they ever contemplate three separate people with the same pep in their step.

When Christ first arrived on this planet he was the third life. There was the life of the form, which perceived themselves to be the GOD given totality of life, without knowing they had been pulled outside by man and made to walk the planet as unborn, the Adam & Eve of Genesis II. There were the ones that dwelt within their creations, the he, she, them of Genesis I, which also perceived themselves to be the GOD given totality of life and then their was Christ, who also dwelt within, sent to speak with the life constituting the body and the men and women holding them captive, from the inside out.

Christ was the living; inhabiting a form of “LIFE” which had not been born yet; not naturally anyway.

The living, being expressed through the dead, with the ultimate goal of the dead being expressed through the living.

Man was living and evolving, but came to be at the end of their cycle of “LIFE”, inhabiting a “life” they re-formed of their own sinful ways, which had not been born yet.

The dying being protected and rejuvenated through an unborn “life”, with the ultimate goal of self-perpetuation, outside the natural ebb and flow of the  one <LIFE> (GOD).

The dying being expressed through the “dead”!

The “dead” being sucked dry from the inside out.

Men & Women keeping them confused with lies and misdirection.

My dreams over the last ten years of sobriety; sobriety from drugs, alcohol and from the fiction of Man, has left me with much to offer and may even spark our birth, but I have only been given the first step to heaven.

The first step is the knowing that if you wait for Man to suck all of the life out of you from the inside out, you go back to your “LIFE” of origination with no life in hand, and will have to explain why you are dead!

There is dead and there is <ALIVE>, with many stairs in between.

There are “LIFE” lines, with each life line constituting one person, broken out into billions and trillions of pieces, but from a natural birth; the initial <SELF> expression.

Man pulled a piece of natural “LIFE”, formed this piece up into a oasis and then jumped inside to bring function to the unborn “life”.

Imagine the audacity, and then you will know how people get to be, at the end of their evolutionary cycles.

Right now we are standing on the outside looking in and the inside looking out. Man has us completely confounded and we cannot see him, because we think we are him.

Our “life” sits in wait, until “CHRIST” sparks our awareness and isolates our slavery.

When we see, we are not that person (MAN) and we see, we are not connected to <GOD> since Man’s intervention (Not Alive), we will be born anew.

I do not know what this will look like. All I know is there is a war going on right now to keep us from realizing our birth and it is not taking place on the outside.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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