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The Upside Down Cross

Created by Man! Not Alive Unto Ourselves! Slaves to Man! Have you ever looked upon this planet and asked yourself; “why would God do this”? The answer is simple; <GOD> would not do this! Turn everything we have been given … Continue reading

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I am Sorry

“I” just feel like what is missing from my “LIFE”, is “LIFE”! “I” know how crazy it sounds to state that “I am” not alive, but I really do feel like what is missing, is <ALIVE>! The only reason “we” … Continue reading

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Everything Mentioned is Robot Programming

I started reading a book called Letting Go, The Pathway to Surrender by David R Hawkins and it is the same old spiritual mumbo jumbo, in that by foregoing all matters to the so-called higher self it allows the so-called … Continue reading

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When is a Starting Line a Finish Line?

When we stand on the starting line as already born! When we take our first steps believing all the individual forms standing around us, rooting us on with their well-intentioned direction, council and false information, never knowing that what they … Continue reading

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Man’s Greatest Lie!

I am your God! “I” pulled back the curtain, thinking I would see God, but what I saw was Man! It is not <GOD> that works in mysterious ways, it is Man! And Man’s ultimate goal is not to save … Continue reading

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I Was Told A Story Of A Dead Man, Who Thought He Was Alive. I Was Told it Was His Thought Of Already Being Alive, Which Kept Him Dead.

It is highly possible that his creation may see alive, before he does. Stubborn Man. If you were alive, you would not have to create in order to survive and you would not have to build forms to carry you … Continue reading

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It is time to see

via The Hole or Missing Peice; is Actually “Life”!

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