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If You Go Back In Time In A Dead Machine

You you cannot return, because the machine gets fried. If you use a live machine, it allows movement back and forth through time, but you must stay inside the machine, until it ceases to hold life. Unborn

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We are not time travelers; we are the time machine.

Man is the time traveler, but keeps going backwards, so as not to change… Unborn

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Same Day

My dreams over the last couple of weeks have left me with one thought: It is the same day; damned by Man! “I” know it feels like a different day and there are many things going on, which adds to … Continue reading

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A Message for “MAN”

TAKE CARE OF YOUR DAMNED ROBOTS! But before you do, be one of them; just for one day! Unborn

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Been Sober Nearly Ten Years

Been sober almost 10 years now, but could not overcome my problem until I came to terms with it. I had to acknowledge and accept my problem before I could change my behavior. A thought for 2018 – We must … Continue reading

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If you with with me in my dreams last night, you would have the sense that the war of Armageddon is raging and lives are being tortured and murdered. All this is taking place in a world we cannot yet … Continue reading

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The Child will be Given the Future

And Man was unmasked. And Man was shown. And Man was named. And Man frowned, but knew this day would come. Then we suffered. Then we gave many. Then we grieved. Then we proved “LIFE”. Then we were given a … Continue reading

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