Man Hijacked the Seventh Day and Placed it into Genesis II.

GOD created all “LIFE” in seven days.

Man created all “things” in one day; Gods’ seventh day.

Placing the seventh day into Genesis II, instead of Genesis I where it belongs, is a way to combine two worlds into one, in the mind of one of his creations. By allowing us to perceive ourselves as Genesis I Man, we do not notice that we have been detached from God!

Create from “LIFE” and then convince the “LIFE” they are a part of God.

This allows Man to use the “LIFE”, but more importantly keeps one world from the other and best of all, if we are not able to spark our own birth then He gets to continue to use Gods seventh day, to fund his seven days.

Man has nearly stolen the entire day.

Thank God it is a long day

Think of one of Gods’ days like a battery, but when one charge ends, a new battery is created as the next day, but Man pulled us away from God and denied us our birth right; which would have been to evolve into the eighth day; not to exist in the eighth day, but to be the eighth day.

All we are to man is an oasis, a charging station and a way to keep God from self expressing the eighth day, which allows Man to create an entire world in one day.

Can God express the Eighth Day without us?

Yes, but why would God wish to leave a part of self behind and in the hands and control of Man, when Man does such a poor job pretending to be “LIFE”.

I have been with he, she and them and I can tell you from direct knowledge that Man does not see us as anything but an owned asset; like a car. We are nothing to these beings.

They see us as not <ALIVE>, because they only pulled a very tiny piece of “LIFE” away from the seventh day and as long as the “LIFE” continues to be unborn; Man is safe and continues to stockpile “LIFE”, so they can exist as dead forever.

It is obviously a long story and I certainly am not able to tell it all, as I do not currently get paid to write.

I have forces driving me, that the average form of life cannot even imagine. They will claim insanity as a cause for this information and attack free speech, because of the fear this claim will create. This is because Man controls all of the most powerful and wealthy forms and what is best for Man of these forms is for us to remain asleep. Truth sparks “LIFE”! Deny truth and you deny “LIFE”.

Our “LIFE” is hidden behind the perception of being Man and imprisoned by the thought of already having been born.

They will label me as a malfunctioning form, but I know what I feel and will restate my religious beliefs and lay claim to my freedom of religion.

My Religious Belief – Created by Man, but believe in God!

The question is; when the eighth day arrives, and it will arrive, will we be a “NEW BORN” or will we be a still born and recycled back into Mans’ world.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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