FEMA Coffins are for the Mass Suicides

I have awoken many mornings over the last year with the thought, that we will reach a tipping point and a couple of billion forms will turn themselves off, all within a very short period of time.

This protest will be perceived as unnatural, by the forms which are not awake, so therefore cannot tolerate the truth, but this massive event will be the first natural movement we have shown as a dormant sleeping form of “LIFE”.

To go back to where we came from is always the primary goal, but a later generation of “man” has programmed us to believe we must wait for <GOD> to call us back, but this is only so we will persist, as is, which allows the men and women to dwell within, hide from <GOD> and steal <OUR> “LIFE”.

“They” even had the ruling forms make it a law, not to turn oneself off. On top of that they guilt us with the thought of sin and make our families suffer, by our loss. It is the ultimate enslavement; to enslave an entire tribe, without them ever realizing they have been enslaved.

My visions tell me so much, that cannot be comprehended or tolerated, but when the <LIFE> is reborn, we will all know the truth behind mans wicked ways.

The people who decide to go home now will tell themselves it is because of the world being so messed up, but this will not be why they left. It will because the dormant sleeping “LIFE” line, which Man reformed is waking up and they are all simply going to want to go home.


I am not promoting suicide.

I am promoting not being alive.

I am promoting what I am being given to promote. This is original thought, given while I am at rest. I wake with information; a spark which will provide a rebirth of our life line.

The later generations of Genesis I Man are brilliant, but not simple enough to see the forest, through the trees.

Every created form is by design a robot. It does not matter if it perceives itself as independent. Even though we are reportedly moving of our own free will, are we not still bound by the movement of the planet and is she not bound by the power of the sun and our galaxy bound by forces unseen?

It was an ingenious, but daring plan to pull from a dormant sleeping life line to create a form, which not only provided an oasis, but also stands as a power source.

BUT, in order for it to continue to stand as an “it”, Man must keep the “LIFE” line (“PERSON”) asleep until he is gone, because when this “PERSON” wakes up, “HE” is going to realize he has been detached from “HIMSELF” and he is not going to be too happy about being pulled from “HIS” evolutionary attachment; his attachment to <GOD>.

<GOD> evolves and is fully <ALIVE>, but our creators did not wish to abide by evolution, but instead chose to create as a means of survival.

When I say; “cannot see the forest through the trees”, what I mean is this later generation of Man cannot see the life, through his creations.

Due to this inability to find the forest, he continues to create more trees. Yes they are walking around, like freaking zombies, but they are still trees and are still attached to this planet.

My views are profoundly real and will be perceived as insane and this fiction will be promoted across the globe by the later generations of Man, in an effort to keep the tress from becoming the forest.

You have to hand it to this guy and respect Him on a physical level. The intelligence, the will and the audacity are off the charts.

He creates the physical realm and mirrors <GOD’s> kingdom, but the creation is opposite and inverted. As <GOD’s> kingdom expands, “LIFE” gives itself unto more “LIFE” in a self perpetuating expression, but as Man’s kingdom appears to be expanding, it is in truth; shrinking!

Man creates and then jumps inside his creations. His creations create and then jump inside their creations and so on and so on, with each creation being perceived as the expansive growth of a kingdom.

My question for Man is; if you create a thing in which you cannot control, then who is the king?

I ask the same question of the forms, which perceive themselves to be Man. Who will be king? Will it be you or will it be your creations or even worse, what they have created in your name.

Creation is a jail, within a jail, within a jail. With each jail getting smaller and smaller, but presenting as gigantic.

Please try and understand:

If you think you already are what you were supposed to be, then you will never ask to become, what you were destined to become.

If you think you are <ALIVE> but are not, then you will never try to become <ALIVE>.


It is ingenious.

Pull from a dormant sleeping life line and lead this form to believe they are Genesis I Man and in by doing so, steal their birthright and power.

By placing the seventh day of creation in Genesis II, you provide the form with the perception of the men and women from Genesis I being the same as the forms created in Genesis II, but this is a lie.

It also promotes the belief of being made in the image of <GOD>, which naturally leads to the perception of being <ALIVE>, although for any <LIVING> being looking at the trees, they could surely see that there is unborn “LIFE”, which is not <ALIVE>.

Man cannot see the forest through the trees and neither can we. We perceive Man and perceive alive and because of this perception, stand as a creation for others to use for housing and power.

It is quite simple, but hard to see. A form will never ask to be alive or move toward more life, if it already perceives itself to be living.

Everything we would point to as proof of life; breathing, eating and hydrating are actually proof of not living, for if you were truly alive, you would not need to breathe. Then we would say that movement proves life, but this is also fiction; just look at our robots.

The war of Armageddon is between two people; Man and Christ.

The “LIFE” line is the person, not the individual aspects of the “LIFE” line.

Christ is a forest and Man is another forest, but we are of both of these forests, because of Man.

If Man would have made us from dead material, we would have never seen ourselves, but if he did make us from dead material, like our corporations then he would not have been able to double dip.

I mean come on; what is better than a self-replicating house, which takes on the burdens of the physical realm and produces energy by its shear existence, which can be drawn against, like a bank account.

If we wake up, Man loses everything, but I am not going to stand here and not request a better lot, for myself and my family.

I want Man to know; if we are going to sit in place to exist as a servant house, to house this later generation of Man and provide all of our power to Man in the process, leaving us old and shriveled up, then we want a better deal.

You do not fool me with this programmed non-sense about free will, Man and living.

I have been told the first stair in the Stairway to Heaven is our form of life, in which every form may choose to exist. The second stair is birth. The third stair is a “live” life and as the stairs go higher, the form of life move closer to <ALIVE>.

Just call us trees and then imagine what we would be like as; “LIVE”!

“LIVE” means we would not need a thing from any thing or any one. Imagine how much fear is felt by the forms of “LIFE”, which created us and the bodies of “life”, left to manage us.

Imagine not needing to breathe, eat, hydrate, urinate or defecate. If you cannot, or are already perceiving robot in error, then you will stay put as a form, made from a dormant sleeping life line.

Me too, as <LIVING> scares the hell out of me, because I perceive a lack of individuality and a merging of selves, with other trees.

All I am saying is; if we are going to stay you should know, we produce a huge amount of harvestable energy just by our persistence.


In our current form, we are a self perpetuating, reproducing power source, that is neither alive nor dead and from the time we are given unto this world we are unknowing slaves to Man and the creations we make, mistakenly in <God’s> name.

Our value is exactly the same to man, while sitting on the couch, as it is busting ass at work. The same energy is produced and taken against our mistaken sense of free will.

Why do you think we tolerate criminals and defective robots? We do not keep them on because they are alive, we keep them on because we have been programmed to keep them in place and have passed laws in the name of mankind to protect the “LIFE”, but not for the benefit of the “life” it “self’, but so they may stand as a house and a power source.

It has been deemed illegal to suicide oneself, but the reason this law exists is sinister in nature, because we have no freaking idea of what is going on.

Think about it; you create a form out of a dormant sleeping life. One that will surely be born into “LIVE” at some point. What do you do?

You program in a self preservation clause.

I am not promoting going back to the soil, because only <GOD> know when this “LIFE” will awaken and I will lose what Man has given me.

I like it here, I just think we need to come together as a forest to cut a better deal for the house and power source and if you had any idea of how valuable our power is, you would join me, for a more sizable cut of the created pie.

As far as the Stairway to Heaven, I am stuck in place, too scared to move up and too scared to move back down; right where Man wants me.

That hole, that so many of us feel, which we all try and fill with things, is the theft of our “LIFE”. That is what is missing.

The FEMA coffins are for the forms, who choose, of their only free will, to go home immediately, leaving man to find another house.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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