Take a Step Back, and Tell Me that Is Not Man!

Review and analyze the old testament God’s personality traits from Genesis II on, AND tell me that is not Man!

Wake up!

They are stealing our “LIFE”; like a thief in the night.

Slowly, but surely, they take our “LIFE” from the inside out; they suck us dry, like a piece of fruit, AND all “WE” can sense is a weird and eerie feeling; like “WE” are missing something, AND this is why “WE” reach for dead things, to fill a hole, which is not being perceived in <TRUTH>.

Created by Man answers most of “OUR” questions…


My cousin committed suicide recently and all of the remaining misinformed bodies of life, perceive that he took his “LIFE” and he did; He took it back to his GOD and showed up at <GODS> feet with “LIFE” in hand.

BUT, what does Man do? He, She, Them convince us that making oneself uninhabitable is a sin AND then punishes “OUR” families!

The war of Armageddon is between <GOD> and Man, but “WE” are not Man and if “WE” do not get this, They will take all of “OUR” without a war ever taking place.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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