Tucker Carlson & Sean Hannity – When is a Starting Line a Finish Line?

When we stand on the starting line as a man, women, alive and well!

When you stand on a starting line as man, women, alive and well and take your first step, and every subsequent step thereafter, as such, then you never actually leave the starting line; if you are not wholly a man, women, alive or well.

Consider the first two of us, regardless of when or how they came to be, adding 2+2 and attaching a value of 5 to their equation; then adding trillions of equations to the first value established.

Where are we years later? Standing on the starting line, never having taken a single step along a living life line; dead as we stand, without our evolution!

We cannot see the men and women, because we perceive ourselves to be them. We are literally not looking for them, nor are we looking for our life. The later generations of the first men and women mentioned in Genesis I are all around us and within us; they are below us and above us, but we are oblivious due to miscalculations in our equation.

The media is trying to provide us with information so we can repair our society, but as any body knows, you cannot fix a mathematical equation as you go. No matter how gigantic you make the data seem.

In order to live we must locate and accept the first two errors, which will fix us. This will place us back on the starting line, but at least when we move, we are moving along a living life line and taking our inheritance as we go.

Believing we are Gen. I men and women, is similar to believing we have been born without a birth actually taking place.

Just because we all say we have been born and are men and women does not make it so…

Why do we not see man? Because we are not looking for him!

What does this do to our life line? It keeps us in the womb, as an eternal power source. It keeps us on the starting line and denies us the rest of our lives.

What happens when your first, second and therefore, all subsequent calculations are incorrect? Hell on earth!

The second equation miscalculated was; “I have been born, so therefore I am alive”!

Try to prove ALIVE and you will most certainly, prove dead!

This equation seals our fate and enslaves us. Just because we think we are alive does not make it so.

How does this miscalculation affect us? It denies the life line, its own birth and leaves the life in the seventh day and in tact as a power source for man to draw from.

If you stand on the starting line as alive and take all of your subsequent steps under this presumption, you never actually leave the starting line and stand there as unborn.

Why would we ever ask, or yearn to be born, if we already have been programmed with the belief ; we already have been?

Why would we ever ask for the rest of our lives, if we already perceive ourselves to have attained this goal.

You have to hand it to Man; he is one tricky Dick…


Who are we if we are not men and women? I do not know, because we have not been born yet, so do not have a name, but with every true birth of a “LIFE” line; a new person is born and therein lies our true beauty and destiny.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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