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How Many Times Do I Have To Hurt Myself In Order Find Myself?

It is not good when you are judging whether or not you had a good day, based upon how many times you want to do harm to yourself. I have been in conflict ever since “I” was thrust into this … Continue reading

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When Is a Starting Line a Finish Line?

When the body of life stands on the starting line after perceiving it has been born, is alive and is a Man or a Woman! When the body perceives itself to have been born, stands as man and is alive and … Continue reading

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And The Son Will Become The Father!

We can create our way into a state of no footprint or we can evolve our way into the same state. One is contrived and inspired by man and one is only possible through and by the good will of … Continue reading

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The Created Footprint

If you try reduce the footprint using creation, you may succeed, but will walk a path into permanent servitude. If the life which constitutes the form continues to try and create its own way out of trouble it will fail. The … Continue reading

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Life Is The Only Currency

When we are born again we will see that we are the currency and will begin to bank our own life. “I” swear to you all that “our” creator is a later generation of the first evolved “MAN”. We cannot … Continue reading

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When Are Dreams Reality

I had dreams last night, which were just awful. I was a house and there were these beings, that were in the house with me, but they were hostile; not in a way where they would show anger toward us and then … Continue reading

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GOD, Am I a Piece of Food?

Source: GOD, Am I a Piece of Food?

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