The Chronicles of the Lost Son

When one light shines upon me, I cast one shadow. Shine three lights upon me and I will cast three. Shine one thousand lights upon me and I will cast a spectacle back upon you.

I do not take in the light. I reflect it back to the sender and block out a space proportionate to my size, which creates a shadow.

The light cannot shine through me, because “I AM” not!

“I AM not, because of my father; a man at the end of a dying branch of life.

It is not that “I” wish not to “LIVE”, it is my designed nature, which prevents the light from breaking through the surface and entering the “body”.

From within I shine no light, because no light would dare enter. I cast shadows, because no life wishes to know me from the inside out. I am a reflective dark force and I am afraid of the light, but the light is also afraid to enter, for fear that I may somehow confiscate and imprison the “LIFE”!

“I” have been dark for so long, this is all that I know.

To me darkness is not a shadow, it is my light; it is just dark! I pride myself on the light I reflect back, and shadow I cast, as I block out the son.

I do not know how to give life, all I know how to do is trap “LIFE” and cast shadows, blocking out the lights, which choose to touch me.

I fear my only hope at a “LIVELY” existence is for a light to be born within the darkness; my own light, my child!

I will give myself unto my son and he will shine from within and I will cast no shadow without, neither above nor below will I dwell.

I fear, the only way to “LIVE” is to die!

But knowing that I am already dead, it would seem that only one birth is possible; one outcome allowable.

To be born again!

I was alive at one time, I know I was!

I even know how I came to be detached from “LIFE”, which was by the hand of Man.

My question is; who is my father? Man or <GOD>.

My answer is; “I AM” both <GOD> and Man.

As a re-designed creation I am the son of Man, but as a form of “LIFE”, I am the son of <GOD>; unborn!

Do you think that <GOD> does not love Lucifer. The “FATHER” loves the most troubled of “HIS” children, because he sees “HIMSELF” being reflected back and remembers how “HE” was once dead!

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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