Life Is The Only Currency

When we are born again we will see that we are the currency and will begin to bank our own life.

“I” swear to you all that “our” creator is a later generation of the first evolved “MAN”. We cannot see him, because we think we are him.

We have an open gate policy, but we cannot see the gate or the people coming and going. We take on visitors like some type of vacation spot and we do not ever realize what is happening to us.

“WE” cannot see because we are using the tools that “Man” has given us. It is like trying to see the stars through a hammer.

“WE” must begin to use <GOD> to see and when I say, to use <GOD>; “I” mean to see with the “LIFE” of the <GOD> “WE” were formed from.

I had a vision of stadium with a closed, locked gate. I was flying around with what I perceived to be <GOD> or his “LIFE”, which is his “SON”. We flew over what I thought was going to be a baseball or football stadium, because that was what it looked like from the outside.

From a distance the structure gave me the impression that there was a game being played, which would have some type of time frame for its completion, but when we flew overhead there was a brand new golf course, which gave me the impression of a game that was to be played over an extended, undetermined length of time.

It was a new game and a protected existence.

We think we have value, but gage our value by what we create on the outside and this must cease, if we are to ever locate our “LIFE”, which is our true value.

Light a thief in the night “Man” will come and take our “life” and “we” will never even notice and what “he” cannot harvest “HE” will sell off.

The “SON” of <GOD>, “my” savior will ignite “our” “life” line and “we” will step back from out of “our” perceived “self” and this will isolate the “Men” and “Women”, which dwell within.

“We will see “Man” and it will be so much more profound than the “earth is round”!

Over the last fifty-four years as this “form”, I have taken the bulk of the pain of knowing that something was not quite right with this scene created by “Man”.

“We” can be born and can handle the truth of our existence. “I” have processed most of it.

“WE” are the currency.

There will be a day when we will not need to eat, drink, breath, urinate or defecate. These are simply governors placed by “Man” to keep “us” existing as marketable assets.

Put away these foolish things; the concept of perceiving our reality through our five sensory devices.

“I AM” called James, but this is my slave name.

When <GOD> names me, “I” will have a name and would have been born “ALIVE”, rather than having been born dead and stagnant.

Please find this message well because we cannot do this apart.


Remember, Lucifer is just a “Man” and his father too!

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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