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“I” Found the Fountain of Youth!

It is “US”! Now, how do we secure our “LIFE” line, so that “Man” cannot steal “US” away from “OURSELVES”? James Scott Velozo

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Comfort is a Crutch!

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GOD Has The Final Say

I had a dream last night and I was with this person. We were discussing my revelations regarding being man-made and under the thumb of Man and he told me not to worry; <GOD> has the final say. James S. … Continue reading

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A Robots God?

Anyone or any thing programming it! When we see our “selves” as a thing; a form of “life” which has not yet been born, then we will see what gods we have been accepting programming from. What have “we” been believing and … Continue reading

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The Others

If you could look inside what you see, you will not find who I am. You will find others and would know instantly who they were, but you would not see me. If you look outside me, you will most … Continue reading

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