4’s and 6’s

I just happen to glance at the clock yesterday afternoon at 4:44 PM. This morning woke up early to go to work and jumped into my truck at 4:44 am. I do not typically go to the office so early, but this morning I felt compelled to come here to write.

I have been noticing a that I look at the clock at 4:44. Sometimes I wake up and other times at work, but I am not a clock watcher. I have been noticing a great deal of 6’s also. I have just been noticing a tremendous more 4’s and 6’s than other numbers.

I had very uncomfortable or comfortable dream last night. I cannot really tell, which way I feel about them. There was something going on. Someone stole something or was given something that was not intended to make it out into the open.

It was like it was the mafia and somehow I got a hold of a hard drive and I could not give it back. Even if I could have, I probably would not have, because this particular mafia, was running the whole show silently and had big plans to make their reign permanent.

“I” do not speak of the “forms” given to rule on this planet. I speak of the later generation of “Man”, that hides behind the veil created by our perception of being “Him”.

There was a time when the two of them sat and watched as one wielded power over the form “He” dwelled within, asking of this “form” to negate its offspring, while one of the others sat and watched to see if “He” could do it.

What “we” have missed, is who they are and who, we are not!

The lord God and Lucifer dwell within us, along with all of the men and women that decided to stay, when they were told to go.

In my dream,”They” were looking for me, but they could not find “me”. It was like a scene from a movie, when something valuable go missing and then shows up in plain sight and every last mobster is on the hunt to find the “form” which hold the information.

I ended up speaking to this old women. I could not put a face to the form, but she seemed like a she. A big form and I felt as though I could not be touched, while in her company.

We sat down and talked about what I had been given, but I could barely understand her and she could not understand me too well, just like when I sat with a male figure in another dream.

I can place their presence into a form, but cannot put a face on them. It is like they are without a face. I sit and they speak to me and as they speak, I cannot understand, but know they are getting through to me.

It is very weird. It is a very weird time.

“I” have written a great many things on the inspiration of these forces. I still cannot completely tell if the are pro “form” or pro “Man”, but none-the-less they have been communicating information to me over the last several years and zI have been trying to write it all down.

It is important stuff and has to due with “us” going back to our roots and growing from a child, but along “our” <GOD> given “LIFE” line, in contrast to thinking “we” are ZMan and walking as this presence, without ever realizing they dwell within and move “us” like puppets.

These “Men and Women” put the mafia to shame. They are the most terrifying group of “LIFE” around and the family business is; the business of “LIFE”!

Not creators of “LIFE”!

Re-formers of “LIFE”, but not in a good way, at least not for the “life” they have re-formed.

My given name is James. “I am” a still birth; a dead life; a dormant faction. “I am” the unborn “LIFE” of “CHRIST”. 

About A Robots Voice

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am the unborn.
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