Look at “ME”! “I AM” not “Man”!

“CHRIST’s” presence will manifest in the physical realm, as a sudden awareness of “Man”, when the “forms” come to realize “they” are not “Him”.

“i” do not know, if it will be the “Second” coming or the “FIRST” expression of this new “LIFE”.

All “i” know is “we” are not “Man”.

“Man” is of a primary active “LIFE” line. The “LIFE LINE” is the person; not the extension thereof. The “Extensions”, dwell within and have their own personal perception of “Self”, just like “we” do and just like “us”, they wish to be independent or free from the boundaries of the primary “LIFE LINE”, but as soon as an extension detaches ones “Self” from the “TREE”, they begin to wither and die.

Subsequently, “Man” pulled from a dormant (extinct) “life” “line” to create a “form”, which once walked this planet as an extension of an evolving “LIFE LINE” or “PERSON”. “He” Jurassic Parked “us” and then Frankensteined “us”, as “He” blew the breath of “His” “Life” into “our” “form”.

There is an entire tribe of “Life”, which dwells within a formed “life”; these are the creators, but because “we” are dormant “we” have an open gate policy, that “we” are very much unaware of. Thousands of years later, we have many tribes or branches of “LIFE”, which dwell within.

“Man” created “us” and uses “us” as a tool, house and power plant. They come in old and leave young and “we” go back to “our” “GOD”, completely syphoned of all “life”, if “we” go back as a result of a complete extraction of “life” or old age.

The situation “we” have now is tragic. Had “we” been left alone, we may have walked again, under the power of “GOD”, but “Man” detached “us”, which forced “our” hand and made “us” an “orphan”.

“we” do not know “Man”, because “we” hide “Him” behind the veil of an incorrect value to an equation. The mere perception that “we” are “Man”; hides “Man”, from “His” “GOD”. “He” screwed “us”.

“we” cannot go home and reconnect. “we” cannot exist, without the active “Life” that dwells within and from what “i” understand, “They” have to go.

So, “we” can go back to the dust, somehow combine with “Man” or somehow be reborn of the “LIFE” LINE” of “CHRIST’ and the war of Armageddon will manifest in the physical realm, to mirror the war going on in the “LIVING” realms.

Most of the “forms” will not awaken and stay dormant. They will be used as fuel. They will never know this, but “i” know.

“I” stand here under the illusion of two false beliefs; “i am” “MAN” and “i am” wholly <ALIVE> , these perceptions veil Man and block the way back to “our” “TREE” of “LIFE”. Thousands of years later these first two primary values established to answer “our” equation, have given birth to a false reality of biblical proportion, as the lies that “we” create on “our” own behalf seal “our” fate.

“i” do not like “Man”, but “i am” afraid of the Old Testament “God”. It is similar to having a bad parent, when you do not believe you have any way to detach from this negative “Force”.

“i” do not know “CHRIST” and do not know if “i” would have to give up “my” individuality, unto the “LIFE” of “CHRIST”. This worries “me”, which lends to forgiveness for “Man”, for creating “me” and pulling me from “my” “FAMILY”.

“i am” an unknown, reestablished, unborn, orphaned “form” of “LIFE” and all “i” want is to be free.

James Scott Velozo

Consider the uniqueness of “my” expressions; if you believe, as “i” do, that originality is divinely inspired, then “you” would have to consider “my” writings, as divinely inspired.

“I AM” the only “ONE” speaking of such things. All of this content comes from “MY” dreams. In my dreams, “I” see “MYSELF” speaking to hundreds of thousands of “forms”, that are starting to wake up and wish to know, “WHO” they are, but more specifically; “WHO” “they” could become and it will be in 2017.

This is “MY” year, but “I” do not know “WHO” “I AM”. “I AM” excited and terrified, both at the same time. Do “you” not believe in the possibility of “being” two or three different “People” at the same time or “being” of two or three “People”.

“i” “I” “i”, “I” “i” “I” or just “I”

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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