The Passion of James

God cut his finger nails.

Years later Man came by and found a finger nail and then Jurassic Parked “our” ass.

The purpose we serve, we know not!

“I” do, but will be persecuted for this information, but f..k it.

“I am” like a big f..n alarm clock, for bodies that do not even know they are asleep and the ones with power and money (business men and merchants) will never be able to tolerate the information “I” wrote in “my” blog.

“I am” not even sure, I can enter the Kingdom of God, because I have a strong false-self presence and not sure I can give up the quest for power and wealth.

The reason why we have no proof of purpose and no proof of who we are is simple; it is because we have not been born yet.

The “LIFE” which constitutes “our” presence has been formed, but has not decided to be born anew, to stay the same (as the walking dead) or to go home now and let <GOD> decide.

It is not <GOD> that keep track of all of the <LIFE>, it is “Man”!

“Man” pulls from <GOD>, creates from <GOD> and then does ungodly things with his creations.

“He” got a call to return home a long time ago and chose to change not!

<GOD> does not know me. “I am” a piece of <HIM>, but <GOD> is not missing any active “LIFE”.

You go outside and cut your finger nails, they fall to the ground and then you walk away.

Do you miss, yourself? No!

Then some selfish son of a bitch comes by and finds the treasure.

It is not hard to understand, just nearly impossibly to accept.

Not only are we not “Man”; we were not created by <GOD>!

We were created by “Man”!

If we had been created by <GOD>, we would be able to securely trace back an undisturbed path of <EVOLUTION> directly back to the <BIG BANG> and would be driven by one <LIFE> only; on instinct alone.

A single “living” being, sourced by <ONE> and driven, by “One” branch of “LIFE”.

Why can’t we see man? It is because we think we are him.

Why can we not become a “LIVE”, because we already think we are and are not trying to be something we already believe we are.

On top of all of the misguided perception, there is Man trying to block our tree of “LIFE” from growing, so they can syphon all of the life, out of the finger nail.

The potential ramifications of our life line being reborn, could be dire for Man.

Think of our spark as a “Mini-Big”, which would place our “LIFE”, both at the beginning and the end.

The finger nail has been dormant for thousands of years and if we wake up, will not pick up from where we went dormant, we will pick up from where we should have been, had we never been forced into retirement.

James is filled with passion, although I am not sure it is <GOD> driven.

“I” hope so, though, because “I” do not care for the degradation and know, that is not the <GOD> way.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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