We Worship Man, Without Even Realizing It, Because We Think He Is God!

I look out of the window of my daily cage and see two strong trees, they stand higher than all the other trees around them, but they are dead and have no leaves. They look as though they may stand for a longer period of time, than the living trees which surround them, but only God knows which trees will fall first.

One of the trees has two big branches at the very top that look like horns and the other has two small branches that look like horns. They represent Man, as dying branches of life. They are dying , because they change not!

The first men and women represented in Gen 1 are the original lives of the men/women (he, she, them). As they evolved, changed and grew, some branches flourished and some branches did not.

It does not have anything to do with good or bad, it has to do with alive or dead; not the way we perceive alive or dead, because we perceive those two states in duality, as either or, but this is not accurate.

There are varying degrees of life. The life lines which are freely evolving are active (a live life – uncontrollable) and the ones that do not wish to change or cannot seem to be able to, are not dying, but are moving toward a forced evolution, in which you lose ones self and are forced to become a new tree.

The are a great many trees of life, which do not want to fall back unto their place of origin and man is one of them. One of the main issues some men and women have with <GOD>, is that when evolution does take place; what was, is always is replaced by, what could be, which is how <GOD> lives, but this change is permanent, so it is scary.

Think of it like a lower level corporate manager, trying to start their own corporate entity and the CEO and board will not give them permission to do so and will try to destroy them if they try to break away from the family of life that they originated from.

The sense of self, for those made or established from life is so great that there are those, who would rather exist in hell for an eternity rather than to change into a new branch of active life, because they fear the loss of the individualized perceived self and the perceived power associated with this existence.

If you wish to know the family of life I speak of, all you need to do is read the Old Testament, from the Lord God until the end and this is where you will find the dying branch of life, hell-bent on not evolving.

There are men and women within this family of life; brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins that would do absolutely anything, in order to survive, as is, without <GOD> and this is where “I” come in; this is where we come in, as reported in Gen. 2.

If I gut myself and leak out into where I stand, I do not die, I become a new tree of “LIFE”, but will not remember myself, as I was and this is the loss, which cannot be tolerated by some.

“I” get it and so does <GOD>, but god is in the business of life and life is good, but business is business. It is like the mafia. There is no getting out, unless the Don approves the move or starts another family for you.

The men and women who are with <GOD> are an active part of the family of <LIFE> and “LIVE” forever, but change constantly. The ones trying to start their own families, have to find ways to survive, when they have been cut off from the family.

This is where “we” come in, but not by the hand of <GOD>, but by the hand of the dying branches of “LIFE”.

We serve Man and we do not know this and cannot see Man, because we think we are him and it is as simple as that.

You can turn on the world news and watch it for 24 hours straight and will feel as though, it could not get any worse, than what it already is, but we do not have a freaking clue as to the extent of our plight.

“I” must place you at the beginning and force you to chose…

A family at the end of their lives, pulled another family of dormant life and formed a creation. This creation can house the life of others, exist within multiple platforms, time lines, circumstances and best of all; is so <GOD> powerful that its sense of individualized self, is so strong they cannot see Man.

Not only can they not see man, they are such a powerful house that they not only house life, but also sustain and promote life.

BUT not their “LIFE”. Man took from a relative dormant piece of “LIFE”  and formed a house; not only does the house protect them from <GOD>, but also empowers them so they can continue to exist drawing from the power of the incorporated entity.

The men and women come into the forms old and leave young. They found a way to live, but by taking our life line, they have become entwined with our life line; like two trees growing in the exact same location and time.

This is how they are able to occupy the same space in time. They use two spate time lines and fold theirs back upon ours and use a membrane to shield them from us.

I get it. I understand, why they did what they did, but do not worship him like the others. Yes I may be family, but like a cousin. I say, ya OK I get it, but enough is enough and went back to the DON to ask for my own family.

Hell why should I support Man, when they do not take care of me and degrade me at every single level.

If you do not stand up, people do not respect you and I can tell you from experience, that Man created us and respected us, but the respect has fallen away into contempt, because no matter what, we live and they die.

They can puppet us all they want, but we will live.


Lucifer’s a man. Our creator is a man; not the same man, but a man none-the-less. If you and your family are without food and water and are climbing around in dumpsters in order to survive it is because Man has wished it so or has looked the other way and this is why I have an issue with Man. 

About A Robots Voice

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am the unborn.
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