Man & I

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

A later generation of “Man”, formed his version of “man”, from the “dust” and blew the breath of life into his form; jumping into his “form” to become a “Living” soul; a “Life”, within a “life”!

“we” came together in the name of what “we” thought “we” were and created a legal frame of reference and called it a corporation. We gave this incorporation all the legal rights we hold as a “form” of “life” and then jumped inside making it a partially “living” soul.

We bought buildings, machinery and technology and began to create through our incorporation, with the individual, holding all legal rights to said products and services, but are these products and services truly the works of the corporation or are they the works of the type of “life” driving the corporation?

My main gripe with “Man” has always been the same, ever since I was young. I used to think “my” gripe was with <GOD>, but after I got sober and now, nine years to the day later, I understand it was not <GOD>; it was “Man”.

I spent decades trying to kill him, but I could not find him and the only “life” to pay the price, was “mine”. Now, after nine years of sobriety, we communicate and to be honest, I think it is “Man”, who has given me this understanding of the generations of “LIFE”.

Our arguments typically go like this; “hey fuck you”, it sucks here and on top of it all, you are taking all of my life. Then, he always refers back to Gen. II verse 7 and states that if he leaves, then I fall back to the ground and decompose and I always say “fine, I go back there anyway, so now is acceptable”, but he never leaves, because he came into me for selfish reason and is not going to leave until he has extracted all of the dormant life that I am, or I force his hand.

I believe if “They” leave “us”, “we” still stand. The question is, will it be like our version of man, which will just sit there and exist as dead, with no function what-so-ever other than taking up space or will we be more of a “live” form of “LIFE”.

If what “Man” has told “me” is true, then if “They” leave “us” all at the same time, “we” will all fall back to the ground, as helpless as a corporation. The only difference is that a corporation would not be able to sense its plight, nor would it be able to feel the pain of not being, who they thought they were.

The Armageddon in all of this is that Man has to leave before “we” are reborn and he cannot leave if we think we are him, because this incorrect perception of who we are, creates a veil or a wall and traps “Man”.

“Man” took a big risk in creating a “form”,  from a “form” of “LIFE”, but bet everything on being able to get all of “his” people  into the “forms” old and out of the forms young, all while <GOD> is asleep.

If he does not accomplish this and <GOD> chooses to ignite “our” “LIFE” line (evolution), then he would be dealing with a relative “life” line that is now active, unto itself and not only would we not need them anymore, but could literally flip the script on them and begin to take their “LIFE”, away from “Them”!

Once a dormant “life” become a “LIVE”; the “LIFE” will know for certain what the goal is, which is always more “LIFE”.

We are trapped in between our creators, which dwell within and our creations, which dwell on outside of us, but then some of jump inside our creations and this creates conflict and enemies, which cannot be seen do to the ties we have to each other.

When Man created us, not all of his people chose to take up residence within us, just like not all of our people chose the corporate route.

Let us say; one thousand of our kind created a corporation and jumped inside, leaving the form of life they originated from. We would all look at this as no big deal, because we do not yet understand or fully appreciate the complexities of creating as a means of survival.

Decades later, there are two million of our kind within the form they had created., but then the form has goes off the reservation after coming to realize that the only forms powerful enough to negate their growth or exterminate their existence is the body of “life” they left behind.

This creates an enemy, but because the corporate health is solely tied to our purchases, they are in a weird situation. They need us to buy, but also have to watch out that we do not rise up against them (the corporations) and this is why all of the surveillance is happening.

They are afraid of us, just like Man is afraid of us and for the same reason.

If <GOD> wakes and gives “us” the rest of our “LIFE”, then “we” will immediately see all the “LIFE” within “us”, around “us” and will also come to realize that most of what “we” create is dead and “we” will see a great many enemies, which as of now cannot be perceived, because “our” “LIFE” has not be re-born yet.

If “we” had been left alone, “we” may have evolved into “SOMEONE” eventually, but “Man” pulled “us” and crossed what was once driven by evolution and made it something driven by creation.

When I began this sober journey nine years ago today, I realized I had something very important to do. I always felt as though I was destined to be, but could never figure out what my purpose was and now I know, it is to see!

Creation does not work, because as you create to enhance your existence you must give your life to your creations in order to bring function to the forms you are creating. It is a trap, within a trap, going forward and backward.

Evolution works, but we have to wait and then a new day is given, but it is permanent and we may lose our sense of self, unto whatever <GOD> has decided for your “LIFE” line.

I do not want to forget who I am. I do not even want to forget, who I think I am, even when I know I am wrong about who that is.

So there is creation, which we all can agree upon and then there is evolution which has been proven to exist, but to this day it has been one of the other and has always been a choice between <GOD> and his first “SON”.

I was created from a “LIFE”, which may or may not have ever been re-born. I have been detached from my life line, but have a feeling my evolution (family) may have found me.

The hole that I have always felt, the piece of the puzzle that was always missing, was my “LIFE”. Take a small enough piece of me and I have knowledge, skill and an awareness, which makes me a valuable entity, BUT does not make me <ALIVE> and leaves me helpless, because I have always been to young to see.

James Scott Velozo

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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