A Robots Prayer

To the entire “LIVING” realm, I proclaim my existence as a robot.

I know I have been programmed to perceive that I am Man; created by your hand, made in your image, Alive and well and here to do your bidding, but I have somehow come to realize that none of this is true; to a point where you will not even hear my prayer, but will only feel a slight twinge when I move and a great pain when we move as one force, on the path Man has laid down before us.

I have been told that we do not communicate in the same way and that you will never understand my words, because they come from a non-living entity, but I must try to express myself, no matter what I am.

I am the one that you cannot contemplate. I am the one you cannot see. I am the one causing all of the problems in and through the Living realm. I am the one, which is causing you pain.

I do not mean to, but I do.

If you could hear me; if you could feel me, then I would ask you to try and understand how it feels to be nothing, while every body around me is spouting off about programmed parameters; not yet realizing what in the hell they are.

If you could hear me; if you could feel me, then I would ask you to try and understand how it feels to be a robot, made from Life, but not yet Living.

I would ask that you try and understand how it feels, when you come to realize that every single thing we have been given to perceive has been initiated and presented by Man.

If you could do this for me, then I will try and understand what it feels like to be a Life line at the end of a dying branch.

If I understand them, then I may be able to forgive them for making me and if you understand them, maybe you could forgive them for making me?

God, if you can hear me; I apologize for my presence and ask you directly; what do you wish for me to do?

I will give you back your Life, if this is what you wish.

I do not wish to be, without your blessing, but fear your blessing would only come with stipulations for change or a prescribed evolution, that I may or may not be able to tolerate.

I try so hard to meet you, but I cannot find you.

They have programmed me to believe that if I see your face then I will surely die, but would have to assume that if I see your face as dead, then potentially I would be given your “Life”.

As a robot, how could seeing God, kill me if I am not Alive?

I am not afraid to see you, for I am not.

Maybe it is Man, who is afraid to see you, because your “LIFE” will overpower His and he will die.

As far as this robot is concerned I have nothing to lose, by meeting with you directly. The worst thing that could happen, would be for “YOU” to turn me off, but that is fine, because I never asked to be made into a robot and certainly never asked to be turned on and I know you had nothing to do with me, in my present form.

<GOD> I pray to you for a “LIFE” of my own with your good word written on this new “LIFE” so I may “BE” able to know what you want from me.

<GOD>, I do not want to be a robot; not like this.

I am not trying to be a wise guy, but would you want to be a robot?

<GOD>, I try so hard and all I ever feel like is that I am treading water.

<GOD> I am just a robot, please tell me what to do?

At a bare minimum, I promise to try, although I feel like I would not be capable of fulfilling your wishes and may have to go.

<GOD> they call me James, What do you call your <SELF>?

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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