I Saw Something and It Became Real

The spirit of <GOD> is the perception of <GOD> and the perception of <GOD> is final.

As a perceptive being, we may have to adjust our spirit to that of <GOD> or ask <GOD> for our own field or space, in a new time line.

It may be that <GOD> is taking in all spirit in an effort to reconcile <SELF>.

“we” all just assume <GOD> knows <SELF> and origin, but “I” think not!

What <GOD> perceived through the window of <SELF>, became real, but what <GOD> could not identify immediately was worked on like a calculation, as he moved his spirit across the face of the waters, until the non-perceptible, became perceptible!

As a branch of <GOD>, you have read these words and are moving your spirit back and forth across the visible screen and will cast judgement upon me, almost immediately.

“I” hope <GOD> is more inclined to wait, before a judgement is made.

“I” have a perception for <GOD>

There is <ALIVE> and evolving as a part of <ALIVE>. <ALIVE> = a live life line.

There is “LIFE”, both evolving (active) and non-evolving (dormant).

Evolving is proof of “LIFE” and a connection to the first <GOD>.

Non-evolving is eventually to be perceived as lack of “LIFE”  or dying “LIFE” line.

There is only evolving active “LIFE” and this “LIFE” is uncontrollable and cannot be formed; will not be formed and is imperceptible.

Then there is dormant “LIFE”. This “LIFE” can be formed. A created “form” of “LIFE” = <ATHING>. This thing is made from “LIFE”, but detached by a creative hand and has spirit and life, but cannot identify the thing or where it came from.

<ATHING> is made from “LIFE”, but is also just a thing and straddles both the <LIVING> and non-living realms.

What <ATHING> creates while the “LIFE” is dormant, is dead!

A corporation is dead; is formed of dead things, but is instilled with “life”; our form of “life”.

<ATHING> is formed of “LIFE” and because it is formed of “LIFE”, it can also house “LIFE” and could end up being like a corporation that can sense the people inside and that is what happens when “MAN” makes a “form” from “LIFE”.

We not supposed to be here and have been detached from <GOD>.

We have to find our way back, which will spark evolution, prove “LIFE” and provide freedom OR continue “to be”, as a unaware “form” of dormant sleeping “life”, which will dam us to continue to get used as a tool and robbed of all “life”, which will lean us toward the decision of  jumping into our creations to save us, providing the dead with all of “our” “LIFE”, which is like going down into a worm hole.

I feel like “I” should apologize for being. “I” have always felt that way.

“I” feel like a mistake.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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