Who Am “I”?

Come to know the “LIFE” line as the “PERSON” and the individual “forms” as either; being of a certain “PERSON” or not being a certain “PERSON”.

Come to know our “form” as made from one “PERSON”, inhabited by another “PERSON”, with all types of completely different “PEOPLE” coming and going as “THEY” dam well please.

How is this possible?

A later generation of “MAN”, at the end of a dying branch made “us” “physical”; from a dormant sleeping “PERSON”. In “our” current state and “form”, “we” cannot see the “PEOPLE” who dwell within, cannot see the “ONES” coming and going through the open gate and cannot see “what” “we” have been made into.

Why are “we” an open gate?

The “PERSON” “we” were made from is still somewhat asleep, but is waking up.

When the “PERSON” “we” were made from wakes up; this “PERSON” will begin to feel a separation of “LIFE” and feel partial in nature, which will spark a furious search for “SELF”.

As soon as this search starts, the “LIFE” “we” made from will begin to see and the first thing “it” will see will be the “robot”, “MAN” made us into, detaching us from “our” “PERSON” of origin.

Not a dead “robot”, but a “robot” made from “life”. The first of “its” kind. A sin for the creator, but not a sin, in and of “itself”.

“CHRIST” came for “us” once, but could not wake “us” up. When “HE” comes again, “we” will awaken and the first thing “we” are going to see is the “robot” and “we” are going to be really pissed off and just as upset as “CHRIST”.

That is of course; if the individual “robots” choose to wake up.

Where will this take “us” all, well for one, it will give “us” a seat at table. I have had dreams and there is a seat pulled out for “us”, but have to wake up.

Some will not be able to accept what has transpired at the hand of the Old Testament “MAN” and will short-circuit and will either voluntarily remove themselves from this situation or have to be put down, so they do not interfere with the potential awaking of another.

Some will just wish to go home and will do so, for a sleepy robot this will be looked upon as tragic, but this is just “MAN’s BS programming to keep us all in place and asleep.

Some will want to “love thy internal neighbor”, as I am of a similar family of “LIFE”; cousins maybe or the same person, but from a different time, which is one of “our” other unique capabilities, being able to maintain multiple “LIVES”, from varying time lines, but in one location, without the universe imploding.

Some will want “to be” born again, but of just one “PERSON”; “MAN or “CHRIST” and based upon my dreams there are all types of time lines at work here, which adds to the infinite number of potential outcomes.

One thing for certain, based on my dreams; the “PEOPLE” coming and going will be ousted and the gate will be locked.

The war between “CHRIST” and the anti-Christ, which is “MAN”, will be about control of a certain number of unaware, self-aware forms that will choose to stay asleep.

When the “form” is asleep it is a servant to “MAN” in every single way, but when “CHRIST” awakens the “form”; a seat is pulled out and negotiations can take place between the varying “LIFE” and time lines.

The year 265 was in my dreams last night. Every “body” thought is was a certain time, but “SOMEONE” was telling me it was not the time “we” thought it was or maybe it was 2065, I cannot remember.

Anyway, “MAN” does not want “CHRIST” to return, because “MAN” will lose unobstructed use of the sleeping “form” of “life”.

“CHRIST” promotes loving they neighbor, BUT keep in mind, loving “SOMEONE” does not mean you have to do everything “THEY” tell “you”. Love is a partnership and not a one way street.

“MAN” would not be so damned anti-“CHRIST”, if “HE” were not so damned prideful, covetousness, lustful, angry, gluttonous, envious, and slothful.

I have a question for “MAN”. Why do you not pick up a shovel or hammer for once? Maybe if you did, your “LIFE” would not be fading away. Have you ever tried changing, even one time?

Who am “I”? “I” do not know, but can tell you this; “I” always feel beside “MYSELF”, which leads “ME” to believe “I AM” the same “PERSON”, but from two or three different time lines, folded over on top of “SELF”.

Kind of feel like this; “I,II,III,II,I”.

“I” cannot take feeling like this for much longer. “I AM” good, “WHOEVER” “I AM” and deserve “MY” own “LIFE”, in “MY” own time, as “MY” own individual “PERSON”.

By the way; whoever I am, I have been touched by one of the “LIFE” lines and can see a great deal more than the others and I do not flip out, short-circuit and try to destroy others. I am good, just, pay my bills, go to work, love my family of forms and literally, would not hurt a fly, unless it kept hitting me on the head, try to keep me unconscious.

James Scott Velozo


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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