When is a Starting Line a Finish Line?

When is a starting line a finish line?

When we stand on the starting line, perceiving we are already alive!

We are perceiving all manner of data incorrectly, but the perception of “LIVING” is our most damning miscalculation.

We will never ask “TO BE”, if we already believe we are!

Breathing, eating, hydrating, urinating & defecating do not prove alive, it proves that we are not!

The perception of living negates our birth, stagnates our life and keeps us in one place, as a vessel to be picked from.


When is a starting line a finish line?

When we stand on the starting line, perceiving we are already Man!

The second most damning miscalculation is the perception, that we are already men and women.

The perception we are man, hides man; for if we already perceive ourselves to be Men and Women, why would we ever seek to pull back the curtain to see the ones pulling the levers and handles?

The perception of Man negates our birth, stagnates our “LIFE LINE” and keeps us in one place, as a vessel to be drawn from.

When is a starting line a finish line?

When we stand on the starting line perceiving that <GOD> is going to do for us, what we can do for ourselves.

I can run around all day long like I am running a race, but when the people picking the fruit are inside the vessel, then it does not matter how fast I run, how much I do or how hard I try, because no mater what, “I” get sucked dry from the inside out.

This continues to happen because the person (we) has not been born yet and does not have any sense of what is going on, similar to a fetus in the physical womb.

Can we be born again?

Of course, when we stop perceiving ourselves to already be, a fully developed “LIFE LINE”.

When is a starting line, a starting line?

When we hear a big bang (we are not alive; we are not man), which will spark the birth (evolution) of our own “LIFE LINE”.

“WE” will be given this time, as our own time; a new time; a new day.


What will a true starting line look like?



The Stairway to Heaven is a stairway to “LIVING”.

Can a created physical reformed “LIFE”, be “LIVING”?

No, but it can be born again, as a “LIVE” form.

Some of the men and women which dwell within, will be shown the stairway and be given an opportunity to climb the stairs to “ALIVE”. – Ultimate freedom.

Some will not want to leave the forms they have enslaved and will try and go down with the ship, hoping we are never born. – Hell on Earth

Some “forms” will be born a second time, but this time as a “LIVE” form. – Huge amount of freedom. – Heaven on Earth

Some “forms” will choose to stay in place as a vessel of “LIFE”, under the illusion of already having been born. They will be a source of power for man to draw from and for the ruling “forms” to control and use as servants or slaves.

At the spark of truth, some forms are going to short circuit and need to be put down. Some forms are going to go back to where we came from on their own. This will be looked upon as a tragedy, but this is just more of mans lies, because we can all go home at any time, the only problem with this is man loses his vessel, because for some odd reason he cannot pull life from the planet. She may simply be to strong to steal from. Maybe this is why he took such a small amount of “LIFE” to begin with.


“I AM” right about this. My dreams are vivid and telling. I wake up with content and all of the content comes down to a spark of truth.

This truth is required to force the birth of a child, which does not wish to be born.

Why? Come on… If you could have stayed in the womb, would you not have done so?

What is the right thing to pray to <GOD> for?


The Unborn Life

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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