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One Comma is Killing an Entire Tribe of “LIFE”

The Book of Genesis has been presented to our kind in such a way as to describe the first six days of evolution, including what is presumed to be our birth as men and women, all within Genesis 1, while … Continue reading

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The Final Calculation and Fallout

The final calculation of an unaware, self-aware “form” would be “robot”. BUT, is this the spark of the beginning or the end? OR is it both, establishing our future as non-existent and our beginning as; never having taken place? The Gospel … Continue reading

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Then You Kill God

We allow a dead entity to be created in our name and reportedly, for our own benefit and our perceived representatives give this dead entity the exact same rights as a living human being is supposed to have. Then we give wealthy forms of … Continue reading

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The Cross is the Resurrection and We are the Cross

<GOD> is not going to lift us all up, dust us all off and then place us down in peace and prosperity resurrection. This is not the way of <GOD>. This is simply a believe programmed into the “bodies”, so … Continue reading

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FBI – The Fragmented Disassociation of our Government

Our ego’s and our constant exposure to the bombardment of conflicting programming leaves us with no way to identify or isolate the true enemy to the United States of America. The whole (the people) gave life to the nucleus, which is the constitution … Continue reading

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I Will Slice My Jugular Veins if Hillary is Given the Presidency

I will slice my jugular veins using a razor knife in the left hand, to cut through the vein on the right side and a razor knife in the right hand, to cut through the vein on the left side. This … Continue reading

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An Uneducated Vote Is A Direct Attack Against Our Country

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We Must Replace Fiction with Forgiveness or We Cannot Have Truth!

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F… the polls F… the programming F… the media F… hillary and bill clinton F… obama F… trump F… the splinter cells of our government, which have evolved into terrorists F… the powerful bodies dictating protocol F… the pedophiles and child … Continue reading

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I never really …

I never really knew who I was, until I realized i wasn’t! Source: I never really …

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