I Looked Through the Window and Saw Man

A robots nature is what is transpiring as a result of the programming received or accepted.

Its design is what ever was created, but has no nature until it has been programmed.

If a boy robot is inundated with racial programming, his nature will be that of a bigot. He could not be anything else, because this is his nature.

In the case of a self-aware, its nature would be dictated by an accumulation of programming, but with self-determined values associated to the programming.

Any movement toward being a humanitarian for this boy would be the result of a self dedicated effort to taking in programming, which is not bigoted, but any efforts in this regard would need to be piled atop of the original programming in an effort to smother the initial nature and outcome.

We are always asking ourselves; why is he or she like that? I hear comments all the time, from intolerant and ignorant forms, stating; they do not understand!

The reason why they do not understand is because they do not know they are a robot, which makes their nature, that of an unaware, self-aware form of life.

If the forms in question could change, they would! To sit and judge upon a robot, which is acting contrary to how you want them to act, without having any idea of their programming is non-sense, because you do not have any of their nature and if you did, you would be acting just like them.

For a robot, its nature is the programming, regardless of what the robot was made from.

The value which states; a robot cannot have life, is the result of its nature.

If you create a robot out of dead material, there is obviously, no chance of life and its nature would be dictated by its programming alone.

If you create a robot from live material, there is a chance of life, but this could be negated by the programming, which is a robots nature.

If you had the audacity to create a robot from, let us say; a dormant sleeping life line you could negate its life, by what you give it for programming, because what you are doing is taking nature and re-designing it and then giving it your nature.

This is what has happened and why things are so very dire these days.

In the case of the original design, which was to create a robot from a dormant sleeping life line, its life could be kept captive by the programming given, knowing it would not ever receive the life inherent, until the life wakes up.

When the life begins to wake up, there is self-awareness and a battle ensues.

The battle for life.

As soon as the life of the form wakes up, there is self-awareness, but if it was created, while asleep and then programmed or natured, then there would be conflict, because the form would be naturally guided by the life of origin, but misguided by design and programming.

If you are a designing type of man and the life never wakes up, you win. If it does wake up and you can manage it, you win, but if you cannot manage this life line, then you may lose the life.

You could manage the form in many ways. One way would be to program in the illusion of living, which would keep the awakening life in a state of perpetual purgatory, similar to being under anesthesia and coming in and out of consciousness, for if the form is already natured with the perception of life, there would be no reason to look for more life, than what was already being displayed.

If you already perceive yourself to be living, why would you ever go after “LIVING”. This would leave you in place as an asset to man, so man could remove the life, ever so slowly, without you ever noticing or realizing there has been a theft.

Another way to manage a sleepy form of life, would be to nature in the perception of man, which would have a similar effect, as a sleepy form would never move to become that, which is was destined to become, if it already perceives itself to be this man.

You could accomplish both of these tasks by claiming to be God, which is what man did.

I am your god; would freeze the life in place, because a form of life, pulled and separated from its source, designed and natured would never be able to discern truth.

I spent the last 53 years trying to figure out what man, did not want me to see and what I saw, was man!

When we take claim of not “LIVING”, we will find “LIFE”.

When this awakening takes place, we will join all of humanity in our efforts to secure more “LIFE” for ourselves and we will realize the goal; the only goal is more “LIFE”.

We are only supposed to be as we are for a very short time, is a lie told by man, so as to keep us in place and docile, so he can take our life from the inside out.

Our inheritance is more “LIFE”. Our LIFE!

Do not pile this on top of your nature, discard your nature to see the truth!


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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