The Sabbath!

Has nothing to do with the works of the “forms”. This is not the work being discussed.

The Sabbath is sacred for one reason and one reason alone.

It is the law which protects <GOD>.

This is why you do not ever go back in time to create (work), because when you do so, <GOD> is always at rest, for <GOD> has never evolved in a past time, although “I” feel this is about to change.

What is created from <LIFE> while the life is at rest is a “form” which is not <ALIVE> yet, because <GOD> had not yet made it so.

It all started with the best intentions. We will go back from the end of a dying branch to change the mistakes we had made, but what happens is, every time we send lives back in time, they immediately forget why they came back and begin to create anew, but in the past time.

There is always one day <GOD> is at rest and this day, is every past day!

The seventh day!

There are millions of reasons to go back in time, but none of them are good enough to do so.

  1. You could change a past act which would unravel a new reality in the present time and do so for good reasons.
  2. You could go back to rule over forms, which have not evolved yet; to stand as gods.
  3. You could go back in time and change many expressions and do so with malice, to rule in each time line.
  4. You could take “LIFE” lines which have not been born yet and create from the dead, hoping <GOD> never finds himself/herself or whatever self <GOD> is.
  5. If you go back far enough you could litterally negate <GOD’s> primary expressions or births and lay your hands upon a <GOD>, which has not been born yet.

This is why it is forbidden.

You may say; “well, we cannot go back in time”!

“I” would say; “I AM” not talking about us, “I AM” talking about Man!

This old guy, goes back in time to change his destiny and gets lost and forgets why he came to “MY” time; which is a past time, but does not go back in time without bringing his time along with him.

This equates to folding time back upon itself, which creates weight and density and eventually creates a physical reality, because every time Man forgets why he came, his present self has to fold another time line back upon itself, over and over again.

A physical presence made exclusively from multiple time lines, with multiple versions of man trying to reach those which have come before them.

As we sense time moving at greater speeds, “I” say to you; it is because man keeps folding time back upon itself, over and over again and each time man does this he leaves <GOD> lost within <SELF>, desperately trying to incorporate >self< back into one time.

Think of <GOD> like a spring of <LIFE>, but each time you force the spring backward it unwinds quickly, which provide a sense of time flying by.

It feels this way, because it is this way.

The present time would be ideal, but may not be possible; not for all the “LIFE” awakening within the folds of time.

Man is a primary “LIFE” line of <GOD’s> original <SELF>, but what he did, was negate “our” natural birth, thus detaching us from <GOD>.

He took a piece of a dormant sleeping <LIFE> line and formed this “LIFE” into a “form” he could use within the folds of time he has created, in order to persist on many fronts; each front being a past time line.

“I am” not going to lie to you; it is a mess.

Imagine going to sleep one night and waking up in a million different time lines, with each time line having a window you can see through, but no door to walk through.

Imagine being <GOD> and having to decipher this nightmare.

Now imagine <GOD> could only keep one version of <SELF> in one time and could only save one other version of <HIMSELF>, but only by fracturing the <LIFE> into another present time; another day; a new day!.

“I” believe this is why “<GOD> gave his <LIFE> to his “SON”, which equates to a new primary “LIFE” line and its own time line.

“I am” but a piece of this “<LIFE>, but can sense the multiple time lines, multiple life lines, multiple destinies and the true war of Armageddon.

“I am” terrified and excited along multiple time lines.

When you go forward in time, you do so naked, but when you go back in time, you go fully clothed.

The clothing is the evolution, which is <GOD’s> increase.

This is why when a life goes back, this life stands as God.

Imagine how easy it would be to smother a baby.

We cannot say Man does not having great courage in going backward, but does Man have the courage to go forward?

James the Reluctant Messenger


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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