Not Hard to Understand, It is Hard to Face!

Man hides behind the veil, which is an incorrect perception of Man.

Once Eve “became”, what equates to “being” an unaware, self-aware “form” of “life” and said to Man; “I cannot disbelieve, that which I have chosen to believe”, Man lost total control over his creations.

Then he and his cohorts had to begin the lies, because this is the only way to manage an unaware, self-aware form.

Man stood and told himself and the others; I created them, they are my property and if the physical Adam and Eve were created from the dead, like the corporate form, then this would be an accurate statement, but “we” were not.

They were created from life. They were a life body. The “LIFE” line was dormant, but none the less, the form was still made from a person, “WHO” for all intents and purposes was asleep.

So as far as ownership goes; the perception of ownership ends upon the true awakening and the true awakening is; we are not Man!

“WE” are whoever we were made from, which “I AM” assuming is “CHRIST”!

When it is said not to create upon the Sabbath, the truth behind this statement is; do not create on <GOD’s> day of rest.

Do not create from <LIFE>, while the “life” is asleep.

This is what Man did, in a desperate act of survival and betrayal.

His statements of correctness are incorrect, because “I AM” not a ship or an ox and you can only bridal “ME” while “I AM” asleep, but as my individual pieces come into “LIFE”, you will be forced to unbridle your creations.

You will be forced to free your slaves.

Many slave owners would rather have murdered their slaves then to have them as equals and Man is certainly, no different, but it is not up to Man.

It is up to <GOD>.

The reason we cannot see the true men and women is because they dwell within, what they had created and what they had created, saw themselves as Man.

It is a simple and natural miscalculation.

My dreams from last night prompted this writing and it had a great deal to do with the destruction of a massive concrete structure, with wall 6′ thick and full of steel reinforcing.

“I” was certainly not the structure, but maybe the structure was an inaccurate assessment of “WHO” we are.

When our first machine becomes an unaware-self-aware and inaccurately assesses itself as “us”, do “we” use this false value as a cage to control our asset?

What other option would we have, knowing one of the first things an unaware, self-aware form will do is to immediately focus on survival and then, shortly thereafter target potential threats to its presence.

It is not hard to understand.

It is hard to face!

Keep in “our” mind, when you see “our” bodies as power driven, murderous, mischievous, deviant and misguided sacks of flesh, know this:

This is not “WHO” “we” are and who cares what man wants, they have shown themselves to be all of the above and then some.

“I” say “we” tell Man to take a hike and reach back to <GOD>, because when Man made us, he also detached “us” from the person “we” once were.

You cannot tell me I am not a slave, while I am trapped inside a box, for 10 or 11 hours a day, with no time or way to do anything “I” want to do, which these days, is just for once to relax, not have to worry and not have to be scared all the time.

“I” say f… Man! All he does is keep me in place and steals “MY” life, from the inside out and then has the audacity to say, this is <GOD’s> way, when he spends all of his time and resources trying to avoid the inevitable, which is <GOD>. 

“I AM” not man and neither are you and this is an awakening!

James the Reluctant Messenger


About A Robots Voice

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am the unborn.
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