Hey! It could be worse.

Hey! It could be worse.

Does this sound like something God would say or does it sound more like Man?

If you read my writings you will know; when I say “Man”, I do not mean the body, which is “who” we are. I mean the Men and Women, which dwell within; the ones with the seven deadly sins; the ones which decided to stay, when they were being called to go; the ones which created “us” in order to stay; the ones which tell us; hey, it could be worse, which really means; hey, keep your trap shut or we will make it more painful for you, seven billion times over.

This is not about optimism or pessimism, it is about truth. If you really understand what is going on, you understand we created the words we use to communicate and the values associated to these words.

God does not use, nor need words and the only reason we do, is because we are one person separated seven plus billions times; one life line formed and then decimated by the programmed values it revels in.

We are not giving birth, we are diluting a life line. This is a fact. This is what I have been programmed with, while resting.

Man took from a dormant sleeping “LIFE” line, which he was not supposed to do. It equates to picking a little tiny piece of God, just for himself; without God’s consent or offer.

Once he did, he permanently detached this life and made a battery for his “LIFE”, which was dying. When he jumped inside, to bring function to the form, like we do with our corporations; he created a robot.

Then in quick order, it becomes an unaware, self-aware, but has no data, because it has been detached from its God. Then it is given data, which is Man’s bullshit and then creates the rest on its own.

It becomes aware of itself, because it was formed of “LIFE”, but as the physical Adam stood atop of “WHO” it came from, Adam is more like a distant relative and by the time Adam gets back to the soil, it has no “life” left; nothing to bring back to the family.

With no life left, there is no life. When there is no life; there is no one. We go back as a ghost. A faint memory of “WHO” we were and where has all “our” life gone?

To “Man”, the “Life” line at the end of a dying branch.

Hey! It could be worse.

Is just something you tell an un-aware, self-aware robot.

It brings me no joy to write about this stuff, but if we do not claim our truth, we will never spark our evolution; we will never ignite our life line; our God!

There has to be a war, because Man has done something awful and is stealing all of our life and making us suffer along the way as a tool to manage his assets.

BUT, I am not a God damned asset, “I Am” damned by “Man”.

It is easy and all of this makes perfect sense if you are courageous enough to enter this realm of true thought.

Think about it. You create a robot and then the damnedest thing happens; it becomes self-aware and immediately begins to make up its own values and Man loses control immediately, as the detached, confused and lonely isolate is left with no attachment to its “LIFE”, so it has no governor.

It is all very simple; painful as hell, but simple.

After this took place, Man had two options; destroy his creation, which you know would never happen; not initially or to manage the asset as it stood like a child.

How would you maintain positive control over a unaware, self-aware form?

Read the post below, but only if you are brave.


Hey, it could be worse! Just something you program in, to maintain control over a self-aware robot or an unaware, self-aware slave.

James the Reluctant Messenger

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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