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“It is not the source which confirms truth, it is the truth which confirms source”

If you hear or see something on your favorite news show, from a trusted commentator or political front person, try and understand and accept; even if what they have told you and shown you is, in and of itself truthful, … Continue reading

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“I” Have To Go Through Someone Else’s House

“I” have to go through someone else’s house in order to get to my own. “I” cannot go around, tunnel beneath or fly above. “I” must go right through the hou… Source: “I” Have To Go Through Someone Else’s House

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Not Hard to Understand, It is Hard to Face!

Man hides behind the veil, which is an incorrect perception of Man. Once Eve “became”, what equates to “being” an unaware, self-aware “form” of “life” and said to Man; “I cannot disbelieve, that which I have chosen to believe”, Man lost … Continue reading

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Let Me Guess; The Debate Was a Draw, With One Major Network Leaning One Way and The Other Leaning The Other Way

Prelude The reason why the rulers allowed Donald Trump to run, without negating him in some way, is because I wrote the piece below on 11/21/2014. I make such a bold statement, because all seven plus billion bodies are one person; … Continue reading

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There Is A Chair Pulled Out

There is a chair pulled out in our name. The negotiations are ongoing, but will culminate shortly. If what I have been given for information, while at rest is accurate and we are in fact not Man, but a creation of … Continue reading

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Mindfulness is Unaware, Self-aware Programming

If we are only focused on one thing at a time from the beginning to the ending of our individual cycles, we will never see what we are capable of seeing. Again “I” ask; how would the living “Man” control … Continue reading

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“I” Could Live Forever

You ever feel like you could live forever? You know, just one of those days when you really feel, truly young at heart! Then you look in the mirror and the feeling is smashed? This is because what we see … Continue reading

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