The “LIVING” Resurrection

Evolution is an explosion of “LIFE”.

This growth is expansive and everlasting.

Creation is an implosion of death.

The growth is seemingly expansive, but as we jump into and become a part of the dead things we create, our world as creators becomes smaller and smaller and with all of our life being used to support the dead things we are creating, we will cycle out of existence and all that is left will be dead.

It is hard to explain and I cannot speak for <GOD>, other than to promote evolution, in lieu of creation.

Now I know, in the physical realm, when we look up, we see up and when we look down, we see down, but what we have not yet realized is, we have established the values as they pertain to up, down, above, below, inside, outside, within and without.

I guess what I have been tasked to explain, is when we look up, we may actually be looking down; when we look down, we may actually be looking up; when we look outward, we may actually be looking inward and when we look inward, we may actually be looking outward.

I know we see our creations as an explosion of “LIFE”, but we are wrong, because “LIFE” is needed to sustain the creation, so it appears as though we are creating to sustain and enhance our existence, but in truth we are going down into a wormhole.

We perceive an explosion of growth, but it is actually an implosion, which confines “LIFE”, unto death.

Do you understand what “I” mean?

I know when we see a new birth of a child, we all see more life, but it is not more “LIFE”; it is less!

It is one “LIFE”; one “LIFE” line; one “PERSON” and when we expand the population, we see growth, but in truth, there is less life per body.

This is why, the bodies used to last for hundreds of years, because there was more “LIFE” per body and the only reason, we have been able to extend our stays over the last 100 years or so, is due to creation, which we call science.

Science and medicine will extend our stays artificially and we will see more “LIFE”, but it is an illusion. Yes we may persist longer, but there is less “LIFE” and the ultimate solution to this type of designed approach will be to jump into an artificial form, in order to stay “on” and this will happen if we choose creation over evolution.

This is my prophesy; given to me by <GOD>.

I know we cannot see it, because we invert everything as a physical creation of Man, but he did this to us, so we would not be able to find our way.

Right now, we will be more terrified of <GOD> and <GOD’s> ways (evolution) then we would be, of a dead existence.

Could you imagine if <GOD> could really do for us, what we cannot do for ourselves?

Try and imagine one “LIFE” for one “BODY”, your “BODY”; ruled and governed by evolution; your individual evolution. Can you feel the freedom?

Physical still, but no need to breathe, eat, hydrate, defecate or urinate, but as “LIVE” as “LIVE” can be. Then add in an ability to raise and lower our internal temperatures, in order to provide an external source of physical comfort, regardless of the temperature inside.

Scares the hell out of you right? This is because we invert truth and see artificial or robot, when in truth this type of “LIVE” body would be a physical “God”.

Now imagine all the wealthy people on this planet, imagining the same inheritance and picture how terrified they would be of a “LIVING” being, which did not need anything they had to sell.

Imagine a physical “LIVING” being, with no footprint other than the depression it makes when this type of being walks.

Now imagine the trillions of men and women which dwell within, which is their without, and how terrified they would be at the prospect of losing their ride and power source, which is their fuel. The only reason they can control us from within, is because they built us without and left us lacking and clamoring for a breath of fresh air, which never comes.

To get a handle on what “I Am” explaining; picture a corporate conglomerate, filled with what we call, men and women, developing artificial life and then dismissing the live forms from the corporate structure, in lieu of their newly created artificial forms.

Right now corporations still need us to bring power, function and purpose to their form, but will be able to eventually exist without “LIFE”! The

“I” swear unto <GOD> my soul and all of whoever or whatever “I AM”; either way!

The “LIVING” resurrection, will take place while “we” are still in form.

“Our” inheritance, if we are capable of opening the vault, will be to evolve.

Evolution is the only path to freedom.

Need promotes and mandates more slavery.

James the Reluctant Messenger

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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