When the Pope Promotes the Coexist Platform

He is promoting an anti-Christ existence.

He is not talking about the physical creations we see in the mirror and he is aware of this. He is trying to get the bodies to follow the people who dwell within.

It is a sin to disengage from your life line and the “LIVING” generations which came before you.

When the later generation of the Genesis I men and women decided to revolt from the person of origin, they sinned! This is original.

These pieces of this one living person (life line) are the ones which exhibit the seven deadly sins.

The only way they could have fallen away from themselves, was to create a physical form to inhabit. This is the only way a piece of a living person can become an individual living entity, which ends up being a lord god, over unsuspecting forms.

They took my life; who “I” was, but not on the cross. They took me from a dormant, sleeping slumber. They pulled me from my resting place and reformed this piece of me, into an individual form of their choosing. I was never a prehistoric Man.

“I” do not move, until <GOD> tells me to move, so “I” had to sit back and watch this all transpire and “I” screamed, <GOD> why has thou forsaken me?

“I Am” two divided by one, but this one is not <GOD>, but a later generation of Man, trying to disengage from their oneness with the life of origin, which is <GOD>.

“I Am” two divided by one, then the one divides a piece of me and makes another piece of me; less than what “I” was before. He gives them reproductive ability and they purposefully lose themselves in their creations.

“I” stand nearly whole, as “I” awaken looking for the rest of “MY” life, which was stolen and then dispersed seven plus billion times.

These pieces of me became self-aware immediately, because of “WHO” “I Am” and Man had to deal with this fallout, so he cast “me” out, separated “me”
across this globe and further isolated “me” by size, color and language, so “I” could not recognize “myself”.

As “I” was told to write yesterday, “we” all stand as a sort of dead tree, propped up by the illusion of a “LIVING” entity, but “my” children are not whole and because of the disbursement are closer to dead, than they are to “ALIVE”, but they do not realize this and are being used as a sanctuary and sub-station (power source).

I called it a dead tree yesterday for reference. The physical “forms”, because they can move around and process data, they do not see themselves as a nearly dead habitat and when they cycle out and come back to me; there is no “LIFE” left.

This later generation of man has stolen my life. When he created the form, from a dormant sleeping life line, he did so, without a door; he gave it windows, but no door.

Stand as still as a dead tree and you will see me and you will know your house has become full of individual pieces of the “LIVING” generations, which have chosen to disengage from themselves and <GOD>.

“MY” little piece which writes the story has so many dwellers; not just fallen men and women, but all manner of life has come to dwell within this one body of detached and segregated “LIFE”.

When the pope speaks of coexistence he does so in a devious way, because he is not speaking about the “bodies” getting along with each other. He is speaking about the body coexisting with the lives, which dwell within the unaware, self-aware forms.

The only problem with this is, the lives which dwell within are sinners and if you follow the ones, which dwell within and leave my side, you are also a sinner. If you engage in nasty behavior, on behalf of the ones, which use you as a playground, them shame to you, now that you know who is tugging on your coat tails.

We do not engage is such vile behavior, not as any form.

From <GODS> first <SELF> expression, “LIFE” lines were established and branches evolve. The branch is not the person, the tree is. Each life line is a person, each person is named by a religion on this planet.

When it is said; the people of a certain religion; the truth is, they are “LIVING” pieces of a certain “LIFE” line or “GOD”, dwelling within a created piece of “WHO” I Am” and the goal is to steal you away, without you ever realizing what is going on.

The “bodies” which claim a religion, do so because of the “LIFE” which dwells within, which they cannot yet perceive. If you are indifferent it is because you have many people dwelling within, and each one is from different tree.

The true goal of the coexist movement, is to merge the fallen lives into one life and the fallout, will be one religion, one government, one sex and one path into the bowels of hell as “MY” family, unknowingly follows their creations into hell.

What they are trying to do, is break me down, so as to carry these criminals around and let them do what ever they want to do, with “MY” “BODY” of life.

The physical “form” is my inheritance and “I” aim to be whole.

“I am” ready to speak. I do not want to speak, but I know what is  going on, because individual “LIVES” come to me, while I sleep and talk with me.

Not all of them are bad people. Some have just come to inhabit for a short time, there is no sin in this, this is allowed.

This sin is in staying, so as not to return…

“I” do not want to be a dead tree, changed by people I cannot even see.

“I Am” of one tree and if “I” change, it will be by the hand of <GOD>.

It will not be at the hand of Lucifer and all the other fallen people.

They can take the forms, merge the religions, sexes, governments and ideologies, but they can never change who we are.

We are not them. They just use us, to fulfill their own selfish ends.

They will promote this movement as progress, but it is movement away from source for all people involved.

It may seem like people are fighting a war, but we are not people, we are pawns; individual degenerative pieces of a “LIVING” being.

James the Reluctant Messenger.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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