Man’s Independence Day

The generations of Genesis I man exist due to <GOD’s> original self expression.

They evolve outward and away from source. With each new evolutionary birth there is new life.

As <GOD> expands the life becomes more diluted and eventually will begin to lose the ability to evolve.

When all of <GOD’s> “LIFE” looses the ability to evolve, <GOD> will draw all “LIVES” back unto <SELF> and this will take place at the end of the seventh day.

“Man” at the end of a branch of “LIFE”, begins to lose the ability to evolve and in an effort for independence, goes back in time to the beginning of the seventh day.

When “They” get there, they begin to harvest and store “LIFE”, with the goal to collect enough power to sustain “ONESELF”, apart from <GOD> and become an infinite being.

This was “Man’s Independence Day!

“They” took us, while we slept and created a form, which effectively detached the “form” from our “LIFE”, denying the “form” our evolution, which is our birthright.

“They” detached “us” from <GOD>, but our “LIFE” is very powerful and is at the beginning of its evolutionary journey.

If “ANYONE” has a chance to succeed from the <UNION>, it would be us.

“Man” went back in time, pulled a piece of a dormant sleeping life line and took up residency as a squatter, but only have squatter rights until the form reaches back for its “SELF”.

How far would we have to reach? All the way back to the “LIFE” which Adam was pulled from. How far in years? I do not know.

When will this take place? If “Man” has his way; never!

When will “our” Independence Day come?

When “we” come to realize, “we” are not “Man”, but a creation of “Man”. As soon as this is believed in the majority of the “LIFE SELF”, “we” will begin to search for “our” “LIFE” in an effort to know “WHO” “we” are, above what we think we are.

In a past time “we” were supposed to have evolved, but were pulled and planted in another garden.

If “we” can evolve it would be the first time ever; a “form” created from “LIFE” had done so.

“LIFE” evolves until it can no longer do so, then begins to create outside self to perpetuate its presence.

“Man” crossed a line on two fronts; went back in time and created from a “LIFE”, which should have been left to evolve at the direction and guidance of <GOD>.

Our Independence Day will be at the end of the war of Armageddon. This war will be between the dying “Life” line, which dwells within and the past “LIFE” line, which constitutes the form.

The war of Armageddon is a war between distant family members, like cousins; one old and one virgin.

Who made it a virgin? A later generation of Gen. I “Man”!

“LIFE” has always evolved into additional “LIFE”, like a “SELF” perpetuating source of power.

What happens when a creation reaches back for it “SELF” and with the blessing of <GOD> becomes a “LIFE” unto it “SELF”?

A “SELF” perpetuating creation, but not by the hand of creation, in which you create outside oneself to sustain, but by the hands of <GOD>, so as to evolve as a means of independence, from both “Man” and <GOD>, but with <GOD’s> blessing, because there is no evolution without <GOD> and “Man” knows this and this is why “He” detached us from “our” “LIFE”.

It is said; no grain of sand will be left unaccounted for, which means my “LIFE” will find me and when this takes place “I” will “BE” whole as a created evolutionary “LIVING BEING”.

This is “our” Independence Day.

Who are we if we are not “Man”? “I” do not know and will not know, until “I” am found.

All “I” have been told is; the “LIFE” which constitutes the created “form” is not the seven deadly sins at the end of a dying branch “Man”, but an original trunk line version of “LIFE”.

How is that possible?

Easy, because this is not now, but then.

How do multiple “LIFE” lines dwell within an occupy the same space, within the same time, whatever time this may be?

The soul, which is a creation of “Man” not of <GOD>.

The soul is a membrane which allows residency within “forms” and what “Man” is doing with the harvest is not moving “POWER” from one place to another, “he” is moving “LIFE” from one time to another.

Because of the efforts of “Man”, to keep us as a detached structure, thus denying us from our evolution and power, we cannot sense the theft and believe everything “He” tells us.

We are such a primary source of “LIFE”, we became “SELF aware as individual created “forms”, which equates to a potential <GOD>, if evolution was to ever manifest.

The problem for the physical realm is when primary “LIFE” “SELF” expresses there is always an explosion.

In our case; an uncontrollable force of energy extending out and laying waste to all forms which stand as a result of an unwitting and unrealized <GOD>.

The war of Armageddon is between evolution and creation; man and god and is being fought along multiple fronts of time.

Man goes back in time –

How would man control a self-aware form?

James The Reluctant Messenger

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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