From The First Full Thought Out The First Partial

God gave all to man in Genesis I.

God’s self-expression gave life to men and women; an androgynous life line, along with other primary people. God gave all of his life to these primary people and they became the trunk line of the tree.

These lives have been evolving, paying life forward since the beginning, what many refer to as, the big bang.

When a full thought is expressed a new branch evolves; a new person is born!

A full thought equates to every single person agreeing, before a new life is created or the entire tree, including the trunk life and the branch life, before a new branch is allowed to sprout.

When a partial thought was expressed a certain generation of man came to have presence.

This man is both physical and non-physical, but partial in both. Due to how he came to be, he was cast out away from the tree. This resulted in a God like entity, cast outside of God, but because he was from God partially, he can come into the tree and leave any time he wishes. He rules over his own realm, but inhabits the other.

This man is very powerful in the physical realm and you may know him as the Lord God from the Old testament. This being is not everlasting like God and the lives which evolve from the first full thought.

To this end, Man created Adam in Genesis II, so Adam may give to man.

This manner of creating, so as to have something to enrich your life is completely opposite to God and the people derived from him.

With each new whole thought all life is given, with each partial thought all life is taken.

Man created a form from a dormant sleeping life. From a sleeping person, Adam was made, but there was no movement until he gave a breath of life to this form.

Adam was made from one person and inhabited by another. Then Man pulled a piece out of a piece of life, which was the physical Adam and formed Eve, which also needed a driving force.

From this point forward the two can create on their own, due to their composition and with each new form, their becomes a new residence to inhabit, but the form is only capable of partial thought, as they were pulled from another person or branch of life, so no matter what, their decisions will be flawed due to a detachment from themselves.

Even if Adam and Eve agreed to make another form, this was still a partial thought, because the life line they were pulled from is still in its seventh day of rest.

As a result no new life can be born and this is why each vessel must be inhabited with a later generation of Genesis I men and women.

This is why we look to create to sustain ourselves, when a connected branch would not need to do so.

Every time we produce another body, we dilute the life line and this is why we do not persist for a thousand years, for as the population grew, the amount of time the form could last was diminished.

I know, over the last 100 years or so, we have been rebounding due to medical advancements, but the fact of the matter is; if we as a species were throwing rocks the whole time we were here, we would have cycled out already.

Someone stepped in to save us. I do not know who or what branch or tree this help came from, but someone sparked our evolution and is attempting to resurrect our life, so as to become a new tree.

Think about how hard it would be for our population to engage one full thought and imagine how powerful this life would be, if we ever came together to do so.

From the first full thought, out through the branch of the  first partial thought, all there is death.

Only way to mitigate this plight is to request inclusion into the first full thought.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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