On The 666th Day

A later generation of Genesis I man evolved.

On the 666th day a later generation of Man was born into his own world.

On the 667 day, we were created by this generation of Man.

I know they merged Genesis I with II, by incorporating the seventh day into Genesis II. If the seventh day was a natural part of Genesis I, as it should be, it would be clear.

We are not a part of Gods evolutionary lines.

We are a creation of Man and our creation is described in, what we call Genesis II, but believe me, it is not the second chapter of Genesis.

It is the 667 chapter of Genesis.

A later generation of Man created us, because they have become the end of a dying branch of original “LIFE” and do not wish to be recycled.

To that end, they made us from a primary generation of “LIFE”; a relative to their life line.

Jehovah, Lucifer, the son of Lucifer, the angels and fallen angels; they are all men and women or varying generations and branches of primary “LIFE”.

They made us as a habitat and charging station.

Do you wish to know how this later generation of Man feels about us?

Click on the video link below and you will see how they think about us.

This is supposedly the grand opening of the longest train tunnel on the planet and I am telling you all, what is written above this video is much closer to the truth than you can imagine.

If you do not think so, prove you are what you say you are (man or women or whatever).

We cannot prove Man or Women. We cannot even prove “ALIVE”.

We are either going to follow our version of man; the corporate man (668th generation of man) into the bowels of hell or the “LIFE” we were formed from is going to awaken and fight to remove these later generations of created “LIFE” from our midst.

There is created life, which is artificial and has a run time and then there is evolved “LIFE” which is permanent and connected to source, which I call <GOD> or father.

I do not trust our creators and I do not trust our creations, for in them all things are dead.

Man is the Old Testament God and he and Lucifer sat and watched to see if Issac would sacrifice his first born creation.

We are nothing to these people, but a hide out and power station.

They literally get off on what they can get us to do.

Robots in orange jump suits, until we go back to the soil or spark our own “LIFE” line into re-birth.

“I AM” right about this stuff and am either being divinely inspired at night or am pushing information which is prompted by Man.

I have met with these people, but cannot tell if they are good or bad.

All “I” know is “I AM” good and if “I AM” inherently evil, then “I” would like “TO BE” a good evil man and exist in contrast to my created nature.

I say; “fuck them”. They are not going to use me as some kind of defenseless robot and suck me dry.

I’ll gut myself from ear to ear and bleed out into the earth, before I follow this lot into hell.

Remember; just because we are capable of something does not mean we should do it.

Goodness is a choice.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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