Endorsed by God, to Enlighten the Population about the Darkness

If asked to prove men and women, we all would eventually point down to our genitals and the living beings, throughout the universe would laugh and laugh.

If asked to prove “ALIVE”, we would all eventually mention breathing, hydration, eating and would even mention urinating and defecating as proof of “LIFE” and the “LIVING” beings would belly laugh.

If asked to prove the truthful date and time, we would point to our calendar and would eventually look to muster the general consensus as to the date, which would identify a perceived general value and our “LIVING” family members would laugh and laugh.

If asked to identify the path to heaven, we would identify a lie given to us, by a later generation of man and “our” “LIVING” family would weep for us.

When “I” say later generation; “I” mean a future generation of man, as their time relates to our time.

Even what would seem to be “given” regarding our truths, are not really truth, but perceptions established by others and accepted by a “life” line desperately trying to evolve and spark “LIFE”; desperately trying to find its way to “ALIVE”.

When our family members laugh at us, they do so in remembrance of where and when they came from and it is all good-natured, but when they weep for us, they do so because “we” are being stifled and suppressed by the confiscation of truth and the presentation of lies, which holds “LIFE” in place as formed and allows for the removal of “LIFE”.

They never had to endure the lies and know if they would have had to discern between truth and fiction, they may have also gone back to where they came from, relinquishing all chance at “ALIVE”, while thinking, going back to the soil was their path to heaven.

“I” have been endorsed by <GOD> to tell the truth regarding “LIFE”.

It begins by knowing, if we are in caskets, we have missed our chance at “BEING”.

If there is a resurrection of our “LIFE” line it will take place above ground and if we keep looking forward, on some level to going back to the ground, we will never become a new tree.

All of our beliefs have been given and have been inverted so as to keep us moving in the wrong direction.

So help me <GOD>.

“I” swear unto you all. “I” have been touched, by the hand of <GOD> and I must get our life line to begin to acknowledge our beliefs as a fictional representation of reality and nails in our coffins.

Believe me; the darkness is six feet under and our only change to see the light is above ground, but truth is a scary thing especially when all of our most warm and fuzzy beliefs are lies.


I could be wrong about God endorsing me. Actually, I could be wrong about everything I write about. Maybe I just have a wild imagination.

Maybe I just do not like not knowing what the hell is going on, when I know there are those which do know and will not tell us.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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