Mans Problem – Everything I do, is actually for me.

Everything “I” do is for “ME”, if you benefit after all is said and done, then so be it, but know this; “I” come first.

If you breath it is because “I” have come first.

It is the nature of “MAN” to care for “THEMSELVES” at all cost and have actually convinced “THEMSELVES”; in by doing so “THEY” have been gracious in movement, but there is no grace in movement taken for one’s “SELF” first, in fact there is no movement, whatsoever.

If any “LIFE” line moves on behalf of “SELF” and then claims “TO BE” afterwards, they have perceived “THEMSELVES” in error.

If “THEY” claim gifts given and received, then demand devotion for the breath “I” breathe and the space “I” occupy, then “THEY” have failed already and this is why “THEY” are reducing in power, losing “THEIR” “LIFE” and fading away into oblivion.

To ask “me” to kneel and bow to “MAN”, when “I” know “I” stand so “THEY” may persist is objectionable.

I ask <GOD> to see “me”; the “man” from the past and pull “me” from the grasp of the “MEN and Women” from the future.

<GOD> see “me here and now; I dwell in a past time.

Find “me”.

“THEY” are trying to suck “<YOU> dry from the past, so <YOU> will not notice the loss.

“MAN” you do not give to “me” I give to “YOU”.

“YOU” persist, because <I WAS>!

Give to <ME>, for <ME> and <I> will give to “YOU”, for “YOU”.

It is <GOD’s> message to “MAN” (not to “us”).

If “MAN” will release “me”, just for the sake of <GOD>; if “THEY”, for once would do the right thing, just because it is the right thing, with no thought of potential gain, <GOD> will save them, by destroying the bad “MEN & WOMEN”.

Anyway, this is the message “I” woke with this morning.


“I am” a creation of  the present man, which came back in time to re-create “me”, against “my” will, while “I” slept, with no regard for the Sabbath arrangement of never creating in the past.

You are a selfish Man and “I” stand imprisoned because all you do is think about you.

Did you not get the memo? You do not go back in time and create, it is a sin!

And if the audacity is in you and you do as you wish regardless, then know “I” now have a right to “LIVE”, as “I” stand in my own time, as my own man and garment.

Do not negate me!

You people sicken me and I can no longer tolerate your presence in “my” time and it is “my” time, regardless of when your time is.

All they had to do was take care of us, but instead they make us suffer and worry and keep us in the darkness.

You greedy little fuckers!

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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