This “LIFE” Line Was Put to Sleep

The forms which walked the planet three million years ago, were of a naturally evolving “LIFE” line. A tiny spec of this “LIFE” line was put to sleep through, what we perceive to be an extinction level event, but true “LIFE” does not die, but lies in wait, for the greater “LIFE” to lift it up and out of the dust.

Another portion of the same “LIFE” line, is able to persist for billions of years, but comes to what it perceives to be an extinction level event for itself and has the technology to avert its own slumber.

The only problem with “LIFE” or “GOD” is when it goes to sleep and then wakes up individually, it does not remember its past “SELVES”. So for an evolved being it becomes about persistence, as is! This equates to discarding “GOD” or stifling “LIFE’s” living expressions.

Actually, it is the same for any being with a sense of “SELF”; “LIVE” or dead.

So this version of Man goes back in time (see the link below) and pulls from a dormant sleeping “LIFE” line and creates, his own version of who would have evolved, had he not stepped in to create.

Can you sense the gravity of this act? We surely would have walked again, when “GOD” woke up from the seventh day of rest. If this would have been allowed to transpire, the way “GOD” had ordained it, we would still be fully attached the our “GOD” or “LIFE” line, but Man came back in time and detached us from our maker.

So, what should have been a birth of new “LIFE” for us, as an evolving “LIVING” form, we are now a created “living” form and the future man, rides us like a freaking go-cart.

Now, with all due respect to this later generation of Man, “I” would have walked on my own, but you have stolen that from me.

Now “I” know, on some level you came to rationalize your behavior under the false belief which states; I own all that I see and this “LIFE” I am messing around with, is my “LIFE”, but this equates to us rationalizing the drilling and siphoning of oil and natural resources from a planet, under the false belief which states; it is my planet.

Did this man ever stop to consider that his behavior is why he is at the end of a dying branch?

Now, do not get me wrong; “I AM” all “MAN”. Everything I see, I want.

“I AM” just saying, we do not make it!

That is why we came back in time to grab a piece of virgin “LIFE”, from which we may or may not have originated and told ourselves; what choice did “I” have.

It is the act of bending “NATURE”, which stifles evolution and kills “GOD”.

Did we ever consider that “NATURE” may love us, even though we steal from “HER”?

Maybe nature is her and creation is him.

I do not know much for sure but can sense something is not right about us.

This is because we are a created form, made from “LIFE” and not a “LIVING” form, manifested from “GOD’s” movement (evolution).

We would have been, had man not intervened and detached us.

So now we stand under the perception of “LIVING”, but would fall back to the ground, into a slumber if “MAN” left us.

Detached from “GOD” and a slave to “Man”.

“I” do not lie and “I AM” not mistaken.

“I AM” the “LIFE” of the body and can see “Man”.

It is not right. These are “Man’s” sins and when the “body” moves to defile it “self”, it is man driving the bus.

The reason we feel like something is missing is because, we have been detached from our “LIFE”.

How “I” Came To Be, Me!  (we go back in time and create ourselves)



About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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