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Burying The Entire Tribe

We believe we are men and women, but we are not. The true later generation of the first men and women mentioned in Genesis I, hide within and behind the veil, which is the unsuspecting form. A form drunk on … Continue reading

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The Most Troubling Question Pertaining To Our Existence

Why is everything so screwed up? Because a later generation of first Gen. Man, came to be at the end of a dying branch due to his willful separation from God. To this end, he took from God to recreate … Continue reading

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My Visions Will, One Day Truly Define the Realities of Our Presence

The Harsh Truth Regarding Creation. In this realm the creator always dies off, no matter how much life they were given to create with. A great grandparent will go back to the soil, leaving their great grandchildren to rule, but what of the physical non-living … Continue reading

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Imagination Is Simply Truth, Which Has Not Been Fulfilled Yet

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I Know Why We Can Only Use A Very Small Percentage Of Our Brain

Because ever since we came to be self-aware, the rulers have restricted the amount of information we were given. The amount of information we are given as a society is in direct proportion to the percentage of  our brains we have … Continue reading

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It is not Islam. Our Government has Fractured or Splintered.

Islam is like a gun. We see the gun, because this is what our creations show us. See our creations for what they are; warring fragmented splinter cells of our government chipping away at our nucleus (constitution), which was the only … Continue reading

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Persuading the Next President of the United States

Originally posted on A Robots Voice:
Persuading A Certain Value There is more than one form of persuasion used to influence the masses, but the most widely used form is what I like to call, Persuading “A” Certain Value; whereas A/A – (B through…

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