Mark of the Beast is our Creators Name, which is “I AM”.

Let us call him “Z”, because “i” do not know this persons name.

“Z” is one “LIFE”; one infinite source of power.

This one power is the only one “ALIVE”; the only person which can claim to “BE” an individual “LIVING” being, not to say there are not more people named, because there are, but “i am” going to try and focus on just “ONE”, although “i” may make reference to more.

This being “SELF” expresses and creates a “BODY” of “LIFE”. Each “LIVING” being expresses “THEMSELVES” in unique ways.

Within this body of life, all sense of being is inaccurate and misplaced.

The weakest expressions will never recognize themselves individually, but the strongest veins of “LIFE” will.

Within this “BODY of LIFE”, some “veins” evolve or grow, while others do not.

The weak ones never know themselves apart from the “ONE”, which makes me wonder if the weak ones, are not actually the strong ones.

“i” have to presume my perceptions to be inaccurate, but it all depends on which side of the fence you are on.

For instance; if “Z” self expresses, and all of the individual veins are not sensing themselves individually and evolving in good health, then this one “BODY” of “LIFE” would be pure, with no conflict, but what if this were not the case and some of the expressed “life”, within this one “BODY” came to know “themselves”.

“i’ will not say strong or weak, because it is not an applicable reference. Let us say; one “life” line comes to know itself and builds a fence, creating the perception of an “individual”, what happens then?

Conflict, within this one “BODY”. An enemy created instantly upon the mark of the individual sense of “self”.

From the perspective of this one “life” or “branch”, he is powerful and senses “himself” as <ALIVE> and wishes to stay this way.  Then after some time realizes he is nothing without the one “BODY” of LIFE” and becomes troubled.

“i” sense this perception of “self” to be “our” creator.

“i” know “i” am not “ALIVE”, regardless of what “i” have been named. “i” am not a person, nor an individual. “i” am a tiny microscopic piece of a “PERSON”, which chose to “SELF” express.

A piece of life, within a “life”, within a “Life”, within a “LIFE”, which is <ALIVE> and so on, but nothing without the one “SOURCE” of power.

“my” inspiration is unknown and “my” determinations regarding strong and weak are most likely inaccurate to totally inverted, but regardless, from “my” side of the fence, “i” wish to “BE”, unto “myself”, <ALIVE>!

Does this make “me” a weak vein of “life” or does this make “me” a strong vein?

Who can truly determine strong or weak? Is it the one “BODY” of “LIFE” “i” dwell within or is it “‘me”? Is strength or weakness determined upon a sense of “self” or is it sparked upon a rock of disconnect, discontent and a will to escape the “BODY”?

“i” perceive a “TREE” and “i am” a strong branch, but “I” want to “BE” a “TREE” and wish to “BE” “MY” own “LIFE”.

There is the distinct possibility, this is how the “BODY” of “LIFE” “i” dwell within reproduces. If this is the case then “I” would be a child of this one “LIFE” and loved to no end, but if it is wrong to wish to be your own “TREE”, then the “BODY” of “LIFE” may not appreciate my independent nature.

Like “i” said, it all depends on what side of the manufactured fence you are on.

“i” can sense “LIFE” on multiple levels, with each level of self-aware “life” having “their” own agenda.

Consider a self-aware branch of “LIFE”, realizing if “they” evolve into a new branch, their individual sense of self and the corresponding defined expressed “form” will have changed forever.

Consider a piece of “life”, sensing “self” and then realizing “he, she or it” dwells within this one “PERSON” and is nothing without this “PERSON”; a sense of “self” trapped within the greater “SELF”.

Consider a piece of “life” realizing, evolution replaces the “life” which was, with the “life” which could be. Evolution presents new branches, but in order to do so, the old branch must give “themselves” to the new branch, which will hinder or potentially, permanently change the “life” forever. Exposing the fear of the potential loss of “self”, “as is”.

What do you do, when you do not wish to lose your perceived sense of “self”?

You stay on “as is”, but become a dying branch as a result, refusing to sprout new branches of “life” for the “PERSON” you dwell within.

Now imagine this un-named sense of “self”, not wishing to evolve, wanting to stay on “as is”, on the outskirts of this one “BEING”, realizing “he, she or it” is dying and along with this perceived death is the perceived loss of the sense of “self”.

What does this branch of “life do?

He finds a way to jump into a branch of “life” which has already fallen back to the ground, to become the next tree. This new “TREE” was to be, new “LIFE”, but is now tainted by a branch of “life” which wished to stay “on” as is”.

Now you have a branch within a branch, two “lives”. One virgin “life” pulled from the ground and then inhabited with an “as is” population of “life”, vying for persistence through the recreated “forms”.

I have been tasked to introduce you to our creator. He is “self” named and his name is “I AM”. I have also introduced you to “yourself”, “we” have been partially named and stamped, with the same name.

“we” were to “BE” the next tree and because of this “he” has an almost infinite power source to draw from. “we” are so powerful, we sensed “self” almost immediately and became the first “form” to sense “life”, but what of our true “family”, the “life waiting for us to return, so “we” can become the next “TREE” of “LIFE”.

“we” have been detached from “our” life line. “we” were a dormant sleeping giant, but a later generation of “MAN” came along and took a piece of “GOD” for “himself” and figured <GOD> would not notice and “we” would never be able to see; never calling back unto “our” “GOD” or original vein of “LIFE” for help.

“I AM” calling back for the rest of “MY” “LIFE”. “I” do not know this “branch” which dwells within, but “I Am” certain “I” would have been able to walk on “MY” own.

“I” just wish to “be” loved, safe and free, but feel as though I cannot go back to “MY” family because “man” came along and changed “me” by “his” hand.

I have introduced all the layers (players) and “they” are described above.

“i” may be misinterpreting the information “i” receive while at sleep, but we are all in the above depiction somewhere.

“I” guarantee it.

James, is not “MY” name. “I” have no name.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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