My Visions Will, One Day Truly Define the Realities of Our Presence

The Harsh Truth Regarding Creation.

In this realm the creator always dies off, no matter how much life they were given to create with.

A great grandparent will go back to the soil, leaving their great grandchildren to rule, but what of the physical non-living entities which were created while they were alive? Will they be a friend or foe to the grandchildren?

While we are here, we give birth to additional life, as we pass along our life line to our children. We take great pride in their presence and comfort in their being, but also create outside our “selves”. We create form outside “our” life lines and jump in; taking up residence in our creations, under the defined parameters of going to work, governance and protection.

While within our creations, we give life to what is dead! We literally, give our “LIFE” away to what we create. Without our presence our creations do not exist. There is nothing there except, what is dead. Will the dead be good to the living?

We create governments, ruling bodies; give power to authorities and create companies and entities which need to be filled with life, in order to function and have purpose.

For instance; what purpose would a government have if they were the only ones left? This stands as truth for any of our creations. Let us take the CIA, for instance; if the only forms left standing were CIA, then what function would the CIA serve? Who would they spy on? There would be chaos, for their original design and purpose was to care for us.

From the reverse perspective, pull all the “LIFE” or people from the CIA and what is left? Nothing except what the entity had created, while active. Our creations are dead and what they create in our names are twice dead; which is dead creating dead. Will these entities care to keep us around?

When we gave birth to our version of man; a legally defined individual entity (corporation), we unknowingly formed a dead creation, which one day will move to encapsulate just enough life to sustain itself and just enough life outside itself to continue to bring purpose to its existence.

We are lost in our creations and have no idea what they are bringing forward under our power.

This is all happening within our vision and comprehension.

Our reality is about God and God’s Life evolving or not evolving, but also is a mirror image of God in Man. This is where the disconnect begins. It begins in the mirror image. In the mirror, where “LIFE” dwells, it is about the true image of “LIFE” and evolution or the mirror image of Man, and Man’s Creations, creating, or not creating.

Think about the possibility, we are the children or the creation of Man and true men and women dwell within, just as we dwell within the corporate structure.

God’s life presents itself as new life and the new life, presents itself as new life and so on. This presence and process is a “SELF” perpetuating process, which allows “LIFE” to continue, not as is, but as anew; over and over and over again. We call it evolution and just as we fear permanent change, we fear God, for they are the same force.

God can correct every thing, but do you really want God to step in? Evolution cannot be reversed and this is why we fear God.

From the reverse perspective, can Man “SELF” perpetuate without creating, because when you create dead things to sustain and bring additional quality to life, you lose your life, because in order for the created to exist, you must be forever present.

Remember, a painting or sculpture will never ask for or need your life in order to persist.

I am not promoting non-creation, I am promoting the discernment of truth, in order to coral, what we have created in our sleep, for some of these creations have created enemies, which we cannot yet see.

I am not promoting non-evolution or a permanent removal from God, but an understanding of our true dual nature as a created being. A “BEING” created from “GOD”, by a very powerful Man.

A being which can create or evolve at will, in order to perpetuate its presence and bring purpose to its existence.

Maybe we could evolve just a little bit on our own, so God does not have to replace what was, with what could have been, because we would end up as, what once was and would not remember “WHO” we were.

I do not want to forget again.

The true enemy to an “as is” presence is God, but in efforts to persist “as is”, apart from God, we create dead things and eventually the creations come to know themselves and move to protect their placement.

Consider a powerful man, making a physical entity out of living flesh, just like Frankenstein in principal, but instead of hitting the form with electricity, this Man literally jumps inside and becomes apart of his creation, just like we do with ours and then when the form becomes “self” aware, man loses control of his creation and they move to clothe themselves.

I imagine the conversation between God and Adam and Eve; as between Man and Adam and Eve, where in Man is in the garden looking for Adam and Eve, but cannot find them, so He calls out to them, but cannot see them, not because they were hidden, but because Man had hid himself from God, within the garden and the reason why Man could not find them initially is because He was looking from the outside in, rather than the inside out.

In order to locate the true men and women mentioned in Gen. 1, we must look inside, not outside.

My visions will redefine the realities and truth of our presence.

We are man’s corporation. We are an enemy to both Man and God, because we do not know either and may move to destroy both without ever realizing the who, what, when, where’s and how’s of it all.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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