It is not Islam. Our Government has Fractured or Splintered.

Islam is like a gun.

We see the gun, because this is what our creations show us.

See our creations for what they are; warring fragmented splinter cells of our government chipping away at our nucleus (constitution), which was the only force which ever kept us free and safe.

See what “I” see.

It is not Islam, they are just an easily ignited sector of the population; a scary persona and an easy target.

It is not our government in whole, it is the entities within the government, which were created in our name to protect us. Initially it was organizations like the CIA, but then the CIA began to grow and their creations or their children are the ones which have run amuck.

What has the CIA created in our name? How would I know this information?

It’s classified. The amount of information our government classifies each year, is actually classified. This is a fact which can be looked up on-line.

I do not know what the entities like the CIA have created or what their children have created or their children and so on, but I do know how creation works.

Our government created the CIA and other entities, but the system is set up so they have to come to them every year for money. The CIA has to bow down to congress every year for funds and they become resentful. Then after decades they begin to find ways to make their own money and become unmanageable.

Consider what you already know about creation. We create children, which create children and so on, but the population grows exponentially to a point where it becomes impossible to keep track of all the new creations.

This is what happened to our government. In an effort to keep us safe they created splinter cells within the government and gave these cells a free reign to act on behalf of the population, with very little, to no oversight.

Until one day, the president of the US decides he needs to try to reign in these splinter cells and gets shot in the head and what do these cells show us?

Lee Harvey Oswald; a scary persona and an easy target.

Since that day, there is no oversight from the president, meaning the CIA does not have to tell the president what they are doing. This is a fact which can be looked up online and the CIA is nothing in comparison to the cells which have been created since the overthrow of our government.

Most would say; our government has not been overthrown and what is being expressed is non-sense, but they would be wrong. All that is left of our government is a shell or a show.

Why would our politicians and government workers not tell us?

  1. Most of them do not realize it themselves
  2. There are some who know and have convinced themselves they can win the war without the population ever finding out.
  3. Some of them just keep their mouth shut because they have a nice thing going for themselves and their families.
  4. The remainders are just flat-out terrified of the entities or cells they have allowed to be created over decades.
  5. Then finally, the reason why they have never told us, is because we will overreact and move to destroy the whole system and they know we will get slaughtered.

It is not Islam, it is a fractured and splintered government, who have lost control of their creations, along with wealthy and powerful interested parties which have been attacking us, off and on for decades.

The first attack on us, took place in 1913, when a rag-tag group of low life, dead beat politicians gave away our countries right to coin our own money to an international baking cartel, in the last session before the Christmas holiday, with just enough of them to get a legal vote in.

This can also be looked up online and is a documented strike against our freedom and prosperity.

If we cannot see something or place our finger on it, it does not mean it does not exist. This is just a programmed parameter, which works perfectly with the restriction or classification of data.

As a form, we have a most difficult time trying to wrap our heads around a theory, which cannot be proven, but the only reason it cannot be proven is because our government will not tell us what is going on.

Our problem is not physical apathy, it is our inability to break the cycle of programming, which directs our thoughts and beliefs. It is an unwillingness to think outside of the parameters we are programmed to stay within, which is a box.

Remember, imagination is simply truth, which has not been fulfilled yet and concealed or classified data restricts the minds ability to ascertain truth.

This is why the ruling classes have always kept the masses in the dark.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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