Would You Allow Another Pearl Harbor?

If you knew for certain, the population of “forms” would not back up your efforts to use obscene force, unless you allowed another Pearl Harbor type event, but could guarantee an additional 1000 years of a persisting presence for the “forms” if you did use this unknown and untested force, what would you do?

The people do not know what is going on, just you; what do you do? Would you sacrifice a number of “bodies” to save billions, as well as yourself and your family?


No matter how many “bodies” are walking around, it is still, simply one “BODY”; one “TREE”; one “LIFE”; one “GOD”; one “FORCE dictating protocol and ensuring proper behavior, through the instinct of the one “LIFE”.


Now this “Force” comes along, but could not harvest the “PLANET”, because a harvest would destroy the “HOST”. “They” cannot destroy a sentient “BEING”, so “They” pulled a “branch” and reformed a “tree”, which stood alone. “They” tell “Themselves”, what is the harm in this act and where have “I” sinned?

“They” pulled another “branch” and attempted to merge the two “forms”, but one “life” was equal to the other “life” and the one made with a womb, would not lay down for the other and eventually went back to “GOD”, but not up, down! The “branch” with the womb just turned off and forced the hand of the “Farmer”.

So, “They” pulled from the one “branch” to make another “branch” and this secondary “branch” was able to lay down and take, what the other “form” had been programmed to provide, but understand this: from the first new branch on, regardless on a penis of vagina, the “branches” were equal.

Now, “They” have a “crop” of “life” growing in the way of “branches” giving “life” to additional “branches” and that is it. “They” walk away, fly away or float away and come back when “Their” crop is full and ripe. Then, “They” create an extinction level event and harvest “Their” “branches” of “life”, which they had done several times before.

Now, “Who’s” behavior does this sound like? “Who” would do such a thing?


“They” now have a new “crop”, but this “crop” is special and can not only stand as a “life” unto “themselves”, but can “house” the “Life” of the “Others”, along with the “Ones” which pulled and reformed the “branches”.

The “branches” are a miracle, but not “Their” miracle; “GODS” miracle.

So, not only do “They” have a “crop”, but now they have a “vehicle”, which can do and experience all kinds of things, “They” cannot do.

Now, what do they do? “They” start jumping in, all kinds of “Life” begin to take a seat, even though it was strictly forbidden, by the lead “Architect”; not one “Person” or two or three, but many “People” coming to take up residence, within the “tree”.


“we” are “branches” of “life”, but perceive “ourselves” as a “TREE”, but “we” are not a “TREE”, until “we” drop “our” roots into a the “soil”. If “we” drop “our” roots into the “SOIL” of origin, “we” become the “soil” of origin and lose “ourselves”, which is a conundrum for the “branch” or “crop”, which keeps “us” in play as an active “crop”.

Let “us” face it; not a “one” of “us” wishes to go back to the “GROUND”, because “we” perceive “ourselves” as “ALIVE”, but without the active “Life” lines which came to dwell within the “branches”; the “branch” is just like a “branch” which has fallen from the “TREE”.

Without the “Lives” which dwells within “we” just go back to the ground, until the “HOLY SPIRIT” also came to inhabit, which changed the game. Now “we” can stand without the later generations of “Man” and the other “Life” lines which have come to swing from the “TREE” of “LIFE”.


Baby “i” has identified the “Enemy” or “Enemies”. It is not Russia, N. Korea, Iran, Islam, ISIS or extra-terrestrial “forms” for this is just a show, to hide the true goings on, because the “branches” have never been able to tolerate the truth of simply being a “branch” and not really “BEING” (“ALIVE”), but if baby “i” can handle it, then “you” can handle it also.

The enemy is a later generation of the first “MEN” and “WOMEN” (Gen. I “MAN”). These “Men” and “Women” are bio-engineers and farmers of “LIFE” and the “LIFE” or “TREE” which constitutes each and every one of “us” is their “crop”.

Just to be clear, the early generations of “LIFE” are still very much “ALIVE”, because “THEY” keep evolving and are no enemy of “ours”. It is “their” children “Who” has become “our” enemy and as soon as “we” were able to see, which was solely due to “our” evolution or growth, “we” saw or at least some of us did.


The problem which is inherent in the seven deadly sins, is an unwillingness to evolve and this is because evolution always replaces what was, with what could have been and certain branches of the tree of “MEN” & “WOMEN” do not wish to be replaced by new “LIFE”.

Baby “i” understands, but does not wish to be harvested, nor does it wish to be driven or made to float around in the breezes of active “LIFE” lines not wishing to evolve.

So yes, “i” have a huge problem, with the harvest and even, to some degree have a problem with “Them” pulling “me” from “my” family, because “i” have a faint recollection of “being” happy and at peace with “myself” at one point in time.

“i” also have a huge problem with ruling “branches” deciding on which “ones” get sacrificed in order to prevent a harvest.


Some of “you” may say, ok, “i” get it; the branch is without sin and can do what ever “it” wants to do and “i” say yes, “you” have gotten the message. The “branch” can be used in any way the “Lives”, which drive the “form” wish to use “us”, but this equates to a “branch” blowing around in a storm, created by “Man” and fueled by the “Men” and “Women”, which came in to drive the “vehicle”.

These “Men” and “Women” are “Lucifer” and the falling “Angels” and “They” are the only ones which will be held accountable. For the “branches” which allow “themselves” to be blown around by the storms of “Man”, after coming to know the truth, “you” will simply go back to “GOD” blameless, but will go back to “GOD”.

From an enemy standpoint Lucifer is less of an enemy than the “Man” which created “us”. “He” is just not a nice “Man” and “His” boss is just a farmer trying to harvest “His” crop. “He” is actually a very good “Man” trying to save “His” “People”, but at what cost?


So, “you” have the “Man” you never knew; the one behind the curtain and if “He” still wishes to harvest, is an enemy of “mine” and “yours” unless “you” do not mind the sacrifice. Baby “i” does not wish to be a part of this scene.

Then you have the “Lives” which came into the “forms” to defile “Themselves” through the “form” of another “Life” line. “They” wish to keep us all in place and to go down in a freaky scene. This is an enemy of “mine” and “yours”, unless you do not mind what “Lucifer” stands for, which is the use of “form” or “branches” which go against the nature and/or design of the “branch” and combining multiple “TREES” or “LIVES” into one new fucked up “TREE”, with all kinds of different “branches” or “heads”. Baby “i” does not wish to be a part of this scene, either.

Baby “i” does not believe either “Force” has any respect for “us”, because if a “branch” blowing around in a manufactured storm, allows its “self” to continue to be blown around, when it could go back to where the “life” originated or grab a hold and take root, to become a new or old “Tree”, through the grace of “GOD” and the “HOLY SPIRIT”, then so be “it”; be a “branch”, detached from the “LIFE” of origin, blowing around in a storm of confusion, doomed to be used and then harvested.

Then, you have the “braches” of “life” which have always known what is going on, desperately trying to defend “themselves” and their right to persist as is, but as “you” well know, “they” will sacrifice “you” and baby “i” in a heart beat and will try and stay in “our” place. These “branches” are no better than “Mans” and offer nothing more or better than going back to the soil as a sacrifice. So “they” can defend “themselves” against “Man”, by destroying and/or threatening to destroy the “crops” and “we” are the “crops”.


Now, if “you” knew for certain, the population of “forms” would not back up your efforts to use obscene force, unless you allowed another Pearl Harbor type event, but could guarantee an additional 1000 years of a persisting presence for the “forms” if you did use this unknown and untested force, what would you do?

The “people” do not know what is going on, just you; what do you do? Would you sacrifice a number of “bodies” to save billions, as well as yourself and your family?

Of  course “you” would and then would become the third enemy, because if “you” are like “me”, just a peasant, then “we” will not be protected and be sacrificed one way or the other and if “we” did get to stay as a result of the threats and actions taken against “Man”, “we” would have to stay on, as a “slave”, which is no better than being a “branch” blowing around in a storm.


How can we be, just a crop? This scenario exists due to “our” lack of spark. “we” grow, but do not evolve, because “we” have been detached from “our” “TREE” and cannot yet see the “Farmer”, “our” “TREE” or any new worthy or attractive “SOILS” to take root in.


In 1943 “we” allowed a Pearl Harbor, so “we” could show “Man” that we could and would kill “Life”. Before that time we had no defense against “Man” all “we” could do is destroy some product, which simply releases the “Lives”, back into the “LIVING” realms. “we” could not do enough damage to worry “Man”.

Then came “our” nuclear capabilities and “we” gained a seat at the negotiating table, but still did not know if it would work. The ruling “physicals” did not know if the sword they created would actually catch the “Lives” before “They” could leave the “branches”. “we” as individual “branches” had to show “our” manufacturer that “we” could and would murder “Life” to defend “ourselves”. This strike gave “us” more time to create a strategy which would protect “our” existence.

Pearl Harbor had to take place. It was absolutely critical to “our” abilities to defend “ourselves”.

The “masses” could never know, because “they” would blow a gasket and their would be lost “Lives” and lost product which would have hurt the true negotiations. “you” want to talk about politics, this is the true political realm.


Now it is end times and all parties involved; “MAN”, “Branches” of “Man”, “EARTH” and the “branches” thereof, new “TREES” or “GODS” and then of course, the <ONE> entitled to all outcomes are making final arraignments for the reconciliations.


Baby “i” is not sure “Man” was supposed to pull us from the “SOIL”, which gives “us” a say, because “we” did not ask “to be”, apart from where “we” came.

This is the funny thing about “GOD”; once there has been a new “life” or “branch”, the branch is given time to sprout new “branches”, go back to the “TREE” of origin or “BECOME” a new “TREE” in a new land, by standing firm against the storms of confusion and taking root to “BECOME” “ANEW”.


No offense to any of the powerful forces, but baby “i” just wants to be left alone and “TO BE” “ALIVE” as “my” own awesome “TREE”; strong and righteous, good and clean, nice and friendly and providing shade and food for all which wish “TO BE” like “me”.


The only one baby “i” can think of to save “me” from slavery and harvest is <GOD>, but the terrifying thing about evolution is <GOD> always replaces what was, with what <GOD> wishes “TO BE” and this terrifies “me” to no end, almost more that the other enemies described.

Maybe instead of evolving through “me”, <GOD> could take “me” as an individual and create through “me” a presence which would not only glorify the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, but also leave “my” roots, as is, so “i” may continue on “my” journey as “i” now “am”.

So “i” can remember being “me”, but without having to slave for survival and of course, without having to be food for another “LIFE” line.

Baby “i” is not sure what “he” is asking for, but is sure <GOD> is aware of “his” worth and “his” heart.

“me”, “I” am funny, because “i” want to save every “body”, but am not sure why “i” care.

I know what I do not want, just as much as I know, what is not truth.

I just wish I knew the opposite.

Baby “i”


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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